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Lawyer 'Bachelorette'

Boss Stunned She's Leaving for Dating Show

2/28/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New "Bachelorette" Andi Dorfman has stunned her boss -- the D.A. of Fulton County -- by bailing in the middle of a murder trial to appear on a TV show ... but he's grudgingly giving her a shot at stardom.

TMZ obtained the letter written by Fulton County D.A. Paul Howard Jr., who calls her request "highly unusual." 

Truth be told ... most law firms and prosecutors' offices would give someone like Andi her walking papers, because they would normally view the request as flaky.  But Howard grudgingly agreed to take her back, calling her "a valued member of the DA's office."  She's also hot.

But two strings attached.  Her leave will be unpaid.  And, she has until May 31st to come back.  After that, she's just another professional reality star.

He ended his letter with, "Wish you best of luck."


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She's beautiful and intelligent I would date her. Juan Pablo is a douche I don't understand why those women even like him.

205 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Phony ditzy chick is going to cause a mistrial.

205 days ago


Another dumb woman ruining her life for 15 mins of public shame

205 days ago


In the MIDDLE of a murder trial? Not just before it starts, which would be unprofessional enough, but at least they could get a continuance. Leaving for anything short of a medical or family emergency is just plain unethical.

205 days ago


With that hideous hair and dating game crap, she has the legal credibility of Bozo The Clown. Her boss is stupid. No way she can represent or be a bonafide legal presence in court. Nobody will take her serious. Dumb azz tossed her legal career on a chance. Oh well she needs to make it happen!!

205 days ago


ABC is making a big mistake by signing up Andi as the next bachelorette. Andi may be a nice/good person in real life but I was totally unimpressed with her in the current "Bachelor" show and most blogs show that she is a very unpopular pick. What man is going to want to wind up with someone who argues the way she does? She's a bulldog and she won't back down. And, sorry to say this, but she's really not all that attractive ... must be worn out by all those murder convictions.

205 days ago


Has ABC lost their mind?? First, no one is gonna tune in to watch this nasty shrew badger and belittle potential suitors. And second, the dudes are gonna be massively disappointed when they show up and see this ugly bitch is the bachelorette!

205 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

i doubt this guy will be running for his office again, because this is pathetically stupid. fire her ass.

205 days ago


She looks like she's holding a pink dildo.

205 days ago


What a stupid tramp. She is not even that attractive and its pretty sad when you have to go on a fake reality show to try and find true lover. Face the facts sweetie, you are nothing but a whore pimping yourself out on national television.

205 days ago

Pillsbury Pancakes    

The things desperate leftover 30 year olds with burnt out follicles and ovaries nearly devoid of eggs will do to find love like they see in novels and movies is unbelievable.

205 days ago

Wow ...    

No wonder our world is so messed up. Here we have a supposed great attorney, whom decides TV is more important than a murder case for TV. Priorities! ABC also made a bad move, as their choice will effect my viewing choices and guess what, I will not tune in. This woman is nothing more than another K fam member - fame is the goal, at any cost.

205 days ago

purple lady    

Leaving during trial to pursue fame, really speaks about her work ethic. If she's done with her career, that's fine. At least she's not sleeping her way to the top like Kim Kardashian!!!

205 days ago


Government employee, 3 months off sounds right, lol. She is probably using sick time...

205 days ago


Is she leaving for the hair salon?

205 days ago
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