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'Dog Whisperer'

Simon Cowell Needs to Teach His Bitch

Some Respect

2/28/2014 2:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan says Simon Cowell's dog got WAY too close to his baby on the beach this week -- and he better get his bitch in line ... or the baby could be in danger.

We posted the pics Monday of Simon on the beach in Miami with his newborn son and two Yorkies -- and one photo shows a dog sniffing the baby's face.

Cesar called in to "TMZ Live" today to explain why it's a TERRIBLE idea to let your dog get so close to a baby ... and it's pretty shocking. Take a listen.



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It's a dog and not even much of one at that.

237 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Peeps need to calm down, baby made it in the airplane alive, survived his days at the beach protected and yes, even the investigation of the family dog, SIMON has things allll under control, no doubt gotten his own advice.

237 days ago

Black Adam    

Nowadays, kids have taken the back seat when it comes to Dogs. I love Dogs, but if a Dog gets to set trippin', he's gonna get popped with the Sunday Paper. All of these dog sweaters, strollers, and sleeping in human beds, and don't even mention licking and eating out of household utensils, has gotten out of hand.

237 days ago

News Flash     

Damn Caesars a good look''n man! I think I'll have a couple drinks and binge watch the "Whispererrrr."

237 days ago


What people do not know about Cesar Milan is that he is a fraud. I personally know two former professional trainers who worked for him. Both trainers resigned from their positions after many unfortunate and dangerous incidents between Milan and innocent dogs. One of his ranches is close to where we live in LA. I hired a female dog behaviorist when my husband and I got our two Greater Swiss Mountain pups. Our trainer was highly recommended by Dr. Karen -----, a Ph.D animal behaviorist in LA. What we discovered about Milan is disturbing! He uses shock collars, choke collars and punishment to train animals. Behavioral training should never involve punishment! Behaviors must be taught by using both positive and negative reinforcement. Punishment only creates more problems. The animal may develop anxiety, sleep disorders, undesirable interactions between the animal and his/her owners, other people, and other animals. Cesar Milan also has his trainers to work with the animals for long periods of time, then he pops in for the filming segment as if he has been working with the animal all along. You may not like my comment, however it is 100% true. My bubble was burst like I'm sure some of yours will be as well. Please understand that I'm only telling you this as I feel I must. I know the truth and feel all of you should as well.

237 days ago


I agree 100%. A Yorkie is a small breed, but it is a dog, has probably been overly pampered, and could perceive the baby as intruding into his territory. I was shocked that they allowed that dog to get so close to their newborn baby.

237 days ago


This man is not the be all and end all of dog information. He only knows what he has seen and that is not everything. Having raised my children around dogs from day one of both babies and dogs lives. if the dog is trained properly, there will be no issues. There is no reason to think this baby is in any danger whatsoever, and the owners of the dog would know that better then some guy who has never met either the dogs or the family.

237 days ago

Double Bubble    

Ceasar knows his sh*t....

237 days ago


Yeah, like you people really care about Simon's baby. Most of you have a goal in coming to this site and that is to bitch, bitch, bitch. The celebrities that you pay to see and listen to are the same ones you all whine about. Idiots.

237 days ago


the " dog whisperer" needs to be taught some respect.conning people out of money.people desparate for their animals to calm he plays that he has some sort of gift that allows him to speak to dogs.

237 days ago


i find it funny how people on the internet blast people for doing the same things they actually do.

237 days ago


If it was a pitbull, then yes be worried

237 days ago


No matter who TMZ talks to about it, having the dog that close to a baby is a bad choice. Children are bitten by dogs everyday because of stupid parenting decisions. I hope this baby doesn't become one of them.

237 days ago


nobody's business but those directly involved. WTF is with people these days sticking their nose into peoples lives they don't even know. And the craziest part is, those same people that can't mind their own business are the first ones to tell others to mind their own business should someone start sniffing around them.

237 days ago


Simon's an idiot. Anybody with any common sense knows that dogs shouldn't be that close to a newborn. & what's her problem ? She's not new to motherhood. Didn't she learn nothing the first go around..

237 days ago
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