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'Dog Whisperer'

Simon Cowell Needs to Teach His Bitch

Some Respect

2/28/2014 2:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan says Simon Cowell's dog got WAY too close to his baby on the beach this week -- and he better get his bitch in line ... or the baby could be in danger.

We posted the pics Monday of Simon on the beach in Miami with his newborn son and two Yorkies -- and one photo shows a dog sniffing the baby's face.

Cesar called in to "TMZ Live" today to explain why it's a TERRIBLE idea to let your dog get so close to a baby ... and it's pretty shocking. Take a listen.



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I think it depends on the dog in question. My dog is a Golden Retriever, is sweet and gentle and is fully acclimated around children...I'd trust her around a child more than I would trust some adults. THAT BEING SAID, I'd never leave ANY dog around an infant unsupervised and the dog and the infant should be given a bit of space from one another for several weeks after a newborn comes home...just my opinion.

145 days ago


Having been a professional canine behaviorist (I wrote a book and no, I'm not going to link to it) NONE of us know what kind of training (if any) Simon had PRIOR to the babies delivery.

I used to teach a lot of methods to sensitize the pet to the newborn; it starts with bringing his clothing home to sniff.

Now, regarding the possible diseases they carry...I can't speak to that; not a doctor!

145 days ago


Well the dog's azz is the prettier one of Simon's dogs.

145 days ago


why take a risk? Animals can be unpredictable. That little dog could do a lot of damage to a babys face with his canines, long teeth . Can you image if that dog would have suddenly latched on to the babys face. Holy crap. They would have been like wwwhhhy!!! Its a animal you morons! Who cares why. I would NEVER let a dog get close enough to bite a newborn. fools

145 days ago


Oh please....millions of children every year are in close proximity to the family pets yet miraculously they survive...i grew up around animals and never once did I or any of my siblings get injured in any way by any of them. and neither did any of my friends who had animals. Clearly the dog whisperer is needing a little publicity.

145 days ago


The dog did nothing wrong, it kissed the baby so "The dog beater" thinks it should be big shock there! he needs to mind his own business, Why is everyone all over these two people? They keep the baby out of the sun and the dogs look like he cares for them and loves them, why can't they just be left alone?

145 days ago


I know people love their dogs/cats and I would never want a animal mistreated. However, pets in a house are disgusting and every owners house smells like a wet dog/cat and urine because at some point or on a regular basis the dogs pee's or poops in the house. it's gross. The owner never notices because they're use the oder, but trust me all your guest smell it when they walk thru your door!! And we also see your dog/cat hair all over your clothes at work and smell your pet on you as well. And at times we bring it home with us after visiting. Please when you have a party don't assume everyone enjoys your pet as much as you do, we don't and would prefer you put them away for the evening. I don't want a family pet at my feet begging for my dinner while I'm eating. I know I'm coming across as a huge B?tch!! Sorry!! But when I spend a lot of money to bring food to a party only to find a dog has pulled it off a dinning room table to eat while guest are being seated it's very aggravating or while talking with guest I have dogs smelling my ass. lol. No need to send hate comments, I know how many pet lovers there are. To my defense I actually donate to my local shelter even though I don't own pets. I'm not talking about dogs for medical purpose. But dogs licking babies children or adults in mouth GROSS. Sorry to offend you, I know have many of you. Again I know pets are important to many and I would never want pet mistreated thats why I donate.

145 days ago


Lame article... at least these parents take their baby and pets with them unlike most of the celebs who get nannies or pet sitters. Leave the celebs who care about their children and pets alone!

144 days ago


Oh there are way more grosser stories out there like anything the Krapdashians do.

144 days ago


Okay that little yorkie will not hurt the baby. He's just smelling his scent. Too close however in terms of germs. Dogs carry tons of bacteria. They lick their butt holes.

144 days ago


Cesar is a little bit in left field a lot of the time, BUT a lot of what he says is true and Cesar has taught a lot of people things that they wouldn't have know about animal behavior.

I've owned/trained 8 dogs and fostered 3 dogs that I was also able to train in a short period of tme. My mom says she wishes she could do what I do and I just shrug my shoulders and say 'It's easy~it just takes time and dedication

144 days ago


From a yorkie owner - it's not the worst thing I the world and it's prob not the smartest either. It's that simple. Yeah, I'd prob think it was cute but I'd also put a stop to it as it's it worth taking a chance. If it were a meaner breed I'd not have the dog near the baby, then again I'd never own one of those either.

142 days ago


the golddigger is right there drinking soda while her baby's face is being licked by that dog. awful mother! not surprising since she also abandoned her firstborn son to chase after simon, get pregnant in order to hang on to simon's HUGE wallet. shameless bitch she is

142 days ago


that awful golddigger is right there while the dog licks the baby's face. awful mother. im not surprised since she has abandoned her first born in pursuit of simon and got pregnant on purpose to hang on to Simon's HUGE wallet

142 days ago


ummm, is it your baby???? people make their own decisions for their OWN CHILDREN... get some business of your own!

141 days ago
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