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Chris Brown

Anger Triggered By Bipolar Disorder

2/28/2014 11:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, severe insomnia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ... and that's why he has had such anger issues ... this according to new court docs.

Chris was in court today for a progress hearing in the Rihanna beating case.  Documents were filed by the facility where Chris just completed 90 days of anger management therapy. In fact, Chris stayed longer, just completing 95 days.

In the legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- an official from the rehab facility wrote that ... in addition to his diagnosis ... Chris was self-medicating inappropriately. 

The facility writes, "Mr. Brown became aggressive and acted out physically due to his untreated mental health disorder, severe sleep deprivation, inappropriate self-medicating and untreated PTSD." They never explain the cause of the PTSD. The letter also says Chris was diagnosed with Bipolar II. 

The letter says Chris is on meds for the bipolar and other conditions.

Chris has learned various relaxation exercises, according to the letter, and he's tested negative for drugs, including weed, during his stay.

The facility says he's doing really well.  It says he gets up at 5 AM and works hard.  They say he's been especially good with community service, saying, "Mr. Brown's attitude has been beyond exemplary in regard to his community service responsibilities."


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Chad Vollenweider    

Chris Brown may be a terrible human being but you can't beat his music.

242 days ago

Lisa Susanne Strawmier    

Stop already on your proffessional diagnosis of chris brown and his bipolar excuse for his horrendous is an insult to me and millions of others who suffer from this disease. I've never beaten,my husband,children,family or ,friends.PTSD.....come on people.I also had . violence bestowed upon me and still havent beaten anyone to a pulp. Grow up chris and tmz stop enabling his behavior because of his diagnosis .man - up Mr.brown and own up to the consequences to your behavior.take your meds,stop smoking weed,alcohol, talk to your therapist weekly and in some 10 yrs you might be able to save face when you sincerely apologize for your cowardly beating towards rhianna (im sure she wasnt the 1st women you guess is that you practiced on your mother)

242 days ago


When Britney Spears was diagnosed with bipolar/post traumatic stress syndrome it took her AWHILE to gain public support/empathy. She hit objects, not people. Chris Brown hit a woman--a high profile woman. He needs to be held accountable--bipolar or not. THEN let's see what type of man he really is.

242 days ago


This illness is something to be taken seriously. To all the comments that are talking about themselves... Get over who you are and realize that every person is different but each deserves just as much care and consideration. To those that are comparing this to his previous Rihanna beating I would agree that although this is an important discovery, everybody has issues and it is never okay to use violence as the solution. I don't think this was used to cover up the facts about the previous trial either. I study psychology diseases and it is very hard to diagnose people do to the surrounding factors impacting the situation. I truly believe Chris has bipolar disease because he is at a good point in his life where a lot of outside factors have been eliminated or reduced so the doctors had a better look at the person he is beneath the cover

242 days ago

Miss Cakes    

I was watching TMZ Live just now regarding this, and some of your staff along with a lot of America really need to educate themselves on mental illness and diagnosis!!! Many comments have been made in regards to why it has taken so long for him to get diagnosed with bipolar disorder. First, I am 34 and it wasn't until 2 years ago that I was diagnosed with bipolar, type I, disorder, but my history of "bad" behavior and "poor" decisions started long before diagnosis! My parents tried many avenues, but many doctors don't like to diagnose children with mental illness, and just attribute the behaviors to that of "going thru puberty"! Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion but at least be educated about bipolar before making such a judgment and/or opinion. It is a very difficult mental disorder, especially when gone undiagnosed or untreated with mediation (difficulty with depression, violent outburst, self-medicating, eratic/unpredictable behavior, etc.)!!! If he does have bipolar disorder, its great that he now knows and can be treated properly!!!!

241 days ago


It seems like everybody and his uncle is bi polar, these days.

241 days ago


i think Rihanna is a hypocrite beyond believe. she said in the 20/20 interview how she is a role model, she wants to be an example but now she don't care, that's not who she is, she wants to live her life. however i knew Chris Brown was sick cause she said it. he blank out. "he was clearly black out" her words. . i miss the young and true rhianna

240 days ago


ahhh yeah, the ole let's blame something else for my actions, because i can't own up to responsibility for my actions! Plueezzzz!!!

239 days ago


It’s unfortunate that some of these big stars are letting their personal lives overshadow their talents. With several years of aggressive and erratic behaviors, who knows what the future holds for him. He’s his own worst enemy.

233 days ago

Lorena Songcayawon    

Lay low and my prayers are with you
much love oxoxo

225 days ago


It's just too bad more people didn't know there are non medicinal treatments that work but let you keep your creativity without being a zombie.

80 days ago
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