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Da Brat's Bottle Victim

The $6.4 MILLION Injuries

Gnarly Bloody Gashed Face

2/28/2014 10:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0228_da_brat_bottle_injury_graphic_photos_launchHere are the injuries that just cost Da Brat $6.4 MILLION -- after she brutally bottled an Atlanta nightclub waitress in the face back in 2007 -- the photos are intense ... but they raise an interesting question.

If you don't want to click, the pics show the bloodied face of former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Shayla Stevens at the hospital immediately following Da Brat's attack.

Da Brat and Stevens had reportedly gotten into an argument inside Studio 72 nightclub, and when the waitress turned around to get her manager -- Da Brat smashed her in the face with a rum bottle.

Brat -- real name Shawntae Harris -- served 3 years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated assault ... and Thursday, a jury found the rapper liable for $6.4 million in damages to the victim.

There's no doubt Stevens' injuries are severe -- but $6.4 million is a LOT of money ... especially after Da Brat served a sizable prison sentence ... so we gotta ask ...

11:40 AM PT -- Da Brat just called in to "TMZ Live," and pretty much told Stevens to get in line ... because she owes a LOT of people money ... and $6.4 million isn't exactly in her budget.



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Da brat, you pled guilty in the criminal case. Once you do that, you can come back and say "you want to tell your side". As for saying she should get in line, she will be the first in line cause unlike the others I assume, this is court ruling. Her wage will be garnished, properties of her can be ordered to be sold..its a nightmare, almost like filing for bankruptcy protection.

182 days ago


Who is Da Brat?

182 days ago


I highly doubt that she has a million let alone 6. Rappers usually work for cash so she will be fine. The victim deserves to be paid a decent sum. But nothin near 6 milli

182 days ago


She from da 60604. That aint 6.4 mil worth of ass whoopin. If she gotta pay up. Go bust that ass and call it even.

182 days ago


Its not cool what happened 2 the chick but 6.4 million is OUTRAGEOUS!!

182 days ago


Whether it's in your budget our not, you won't ever have a dime to your name until everyone's paid off. Now lets stop giving this broke ho attention

182 days ago


I think the price is fair for the amount of time she had to miss from work, if she did modeling or acting on the side. The damage to her face cause her to miss out on some gigs. Plus since she was hit in the head she might suffer some long term affect. Like TBI or brain damage. While the lawyer/ waitress might have ask for such a big amount, realistically they only expecting half. You always ask for a higher amount so when they try to negotiate with you, you will get a fair amount.

182 days ago


********Harvey******* I was there with the brat that night as her guest. Rode with her up there. B if she need me to tell the story I will. Everyone makes her out to be the bad guy. All she was trying to do was go to the D.J. Boothe and the girl kept putting her hands on her. She let it slide came back to the dance floor and the girl provoked her there as well. One of the craziest nights of my life!!!! But you tell B I got her and I been looking for her and Mami (her ex girlfriends name everyone has been wondering about) since that night.

182 days ago


Pay up spook

181 days ago


Ask urself brat was that a smart thing to do? Cuz now ur ****ed with payin up. Plus I know the system well and I'm sure u were treated way better in prison then what u r tellin people. Brat u remind me of a bully that picked on me and that's all u r having fun with someone's pain reguardless how it went down u should have walked away it would have saved u the time and the money.

181 days ago


Bad injury, but not a loose of a limb, eye, or making her unable to work. People tatoo up there faces all the time. She should be paid damages, but I am sure he will go bankrupt, and she gets nothing.

181 days ago


Obviously it was the wrong idea for da brat to put hands on her or bottle her but 6.4 Mil? Seriously is she even worth that much? Lets keep it real. Like I reckon 500k would of been enough. Your face is going to heal its not like you're blind or your nose is dangling from your face and how do we know if she actually instigated that situation to happen to her? If so I don't reckon she deserves that much money if she put her self in that situation cause Da Brat is such a nice cool and humble girl (cause I personally know her) lmao

181 days ago


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181 days ago

William Foresman    

Never heard of her and from the look at he cow I understand why.

181 days ago


she deserve more money this is the bs with rappers just cuz they think they got all this money they can treat ppl like sh@t go girl and get your mone i hope da brat lear how to handle her mouth before going crazy on a woman.

181 days ago
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