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Kim Kardashian

Escape from Australia!!

Or Austria, Or Somewhere Like That ...

2/28/2014 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian's plan to make a quick, easy $500,000 blew up in her face when a fancy event took a seriously racist turn -- if you consider a white guy in Blackface mocking your fiance, racist. 

And the whole thing went down right in the heart of -- well, some of us aren't really sure.   



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The guy is obviously referencing Kanye s song "*****s in Paris" Is it racist to say the name of the song? Its kanye and jayz z song . They named it *****s in paris. lol so effing confusing for white peeps. i mean the guy was making a joke and a play on words. switching paris for vienna because of where they were but he was not just randomly calling blacks the n word . He was referring to Kims boyfriends song which Kims boyfriend titled *****S IN PARIS . So i guess its impossilble for whites to refer to rap song titles without being racist lol Can it get any dumber ??????????

245 days ago


Then why is the "Rent A Whore "smiling if she is so offended??? That ugly azz dress is far more offensive than the moron in make up.

245 days ago


Very simple. She used this overblown nothing as an excuse to blow this man off. Yeah, she was so offended?(what she doesn't listen to West's own filthy mouth?) but of course she and mommypimp had no problem taken his money. No surprise there the greedy sub-humans that they are.

Another big backfire.

245 days ago


Sydney, Austria...
Typical arrogant and ignorant brainless American.
Wouldn't even know if there are other countries in the world.
Along with being a racist, he's a ****ing moron.

245 days ago

Hugh Janus    

Kim did the The Game!.... Oops wrong story! Kimmy close your legs!

245 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

FYI there are no kangaroos in Vienna, Austria. Should that hint help your staff?

245 days ago


Really Kim, you were paid hefty to wiggle your fat butt and to shut up. What part of that don't you get? P.S. They don't care about you. You were hired. How dare you get your feelings hurt. Drama by design.

245 days ago


A new all time low for this fool. Kayne doesn't want to put his child on TV but he condones his baby mamma to whore herself out only to be a mockery of?!! These morons are too stupid to cover. It is actually hysterical to see Kim and her gross mother to be made a joke of and they don't even get it!!! Hysterical!!

245 days ago


Paid whore.

245 days ago


Why in the world would she even attend this in the first place? If you are going to escort, you dumb bitch, for $500K, then you are going to have to expect to put up with this type of behavior. I have no sympathy for her whatsoever

245 days ago


They only had those dumbasses there to goof on them.

245 days ago


Everything about her is disgusting.

245 days ago


People don't really understand American culture in many countries that don't speak English . They only get bits and pieces of it. Some stuff gets lost in translation it's got to be confusing to some foreigners when a word is used as a slur and term of endearment in the same country at the same time.

245 days ago


Now, now, now... Did start with an A.

Australia being it's own continent and down under total opposites. Austria, Germany being a city within a country of what 45 countrys in the European Continent.

What a friggin moron.

Kardashian was red flagged by Australia after 3 times of her reason for visit was pleasure when if fact it was always for business. Kardashian didn't want to pay the taxes of the money she earned. Got caught.

Don't think she's been back since.

245 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Yay!! I just can't wait til the most important woman and ambassador of our great nation can get back to her throne. Keep treating her like that America. What an embarrassment to our country. It's really sad if you think about who this woman is and how many people in this world who are decent deserve what she and her family have received from this country through no hard work or anything that benefits our world in any way. They are immoral and soul less. It's really a messed up world we created for ourselves in such a short time the world had gone to he$&

245 days ago
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