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Kim Kardashian

Escape from Australia!!

Or Austria, Or Somewhere Like That ...

2/28/2014 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian's plan to make a quick, easy $500,000 blew up in her face when a fancy event took a seriously racist turn -- if you consider a white guy in Blackface mocking your fiance, racist. 

And the whole thing went down right in the heart of -- well, some of us aren't really sure.   



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And Kim and her husband, Kris, made a hasty retreat from Austria!

239 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

This sad sack escort knows nothing of history.....shes in Austria for ****s sake. !! Home of the ultimate, not Arnold!

239 days ago


Wish she stayed.

239 days ago

Angel in the house    

Kanye should have not let her go. Kim and her mother are not bright.

239 days ago

Tmz is become as slutty as the Kardashians.

239 days ago


Its Austria not Australia. Big difference!

239 days ago

Pure Evil    

She's so talented.... At sucking ****.

239 days ago


This is so ridiculous. American rappers are using the N word in their songs and teaching pale Europeans that it's a cool foreign word to use. So blame Kanye for putting it into his song title so everybody has to say it in order to refer to Kanye's work. It actually indicated respect for her boyfriend and his work (that the German comedian even knew about it). No American would have touched it because it has a different meaning for us, but to a German speaker it's just an English word with nothing else attached. Since Americans freely use it in their raps and music, there's no clue that you have to have a certain amount of melanin in your skin to be allowed. Kanye is seen first as an American artist in Europe, his color is secondary. Why do you think he prefers Paris? He's not in one of the groups there targeted for bigotry and it's refreshing. Read up on black Americans who have emigrated to Europe to get some perspective. The social feel isn't utopian but it's much much different than in the US.

Didn't she talk to anybody who had done the Opera ball gig with the old guy before? They always have some fun with his escort. The Arab guy adding dark makeup was just to look more like her missing fiancé. It doesn't have the same history or meaning as in the US (where nobody sane would do that for obvious reasons based on our twisted past and present in such matters). Kind of like Kim thinking an Iron Cross was just a pretty design, when Europeans just remember it as a Nazi military symbol. She might as well have covered herself in swastikas, but I doubt she realizes it even now. Who in the world was advising her?!?

239 days ago


By the way, that's not blackface. Take a look at the picture. It's just makeup meant to realistically adjust the skin tone to match the person portrayed. Actors use it to lighten and darken their skin appropriately for roles. This guy was dressed and trying to act like Kanye and used makeup to better match Kanye's coloring.

If you want to see real blackface, look up the minstrel shows. It was not meant to be realistic, the audience was supposed to always know that it was a white actor playing a black stereotype and it was clearly racist. Why doesn't TMZ know that? Don't they at least look up words in a dictionary before writing this drivel?

239 days ago


Does anyone think Kim and her mom (madam) attended this party without an advanced plan of how to bale out of it early? Take the money and run.

239 days ago


funny that her baby daddy would whore her out so soon after giving birth

238 days ago

Miss k    

If she felt disrespected , she should return the money she got paid to be the Austrian arm candy . It's not like she needs the money to begin with . Lol

238 days ago


bigges joke of them all is when the older man said she was a crappy date and that i would believe she doenst look like she would be unless all the attention is on her

238 days ago


I wonder what Stunt this no talent trollop will pull tomorrow (OSCAR Sunday) to get some attention.
Whatever it is I'm sure it will make TMZ before the Oscars are over.
PS Nice Nazi Iron Cross pattern in your dress top, Tramp.

238 days ago


I'm still laughing at the fact she got PAID to "date" some old guy who humiliated her at an Austrian "society event".
Poor dumbazz doesn't realize she was "hired" purely for entertainment (and humiliation) purposes only.

238 days ago
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