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Kim Kardashian

Holy Crap! He Really Said

'N****rs in Vienna'

2/28/2014 11:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

022814_kim_k_vienna_launch Wow.  Kim Kardashian wasn't BSing when she said some dude at the Vienna Opera Ball said he wanted to dance to "N****rs in Vienna."

TMZ broke the story ... Kim went insane when the dude dropped the N bomb -- with an "R."  She stormed out of the ball ... a function for which she was paid $500K by some rich Austrian guy.

The guy apparently thought he was being funny, but you clearly see Kim is not amused.

He's both palatial and racial.


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All the other blogs are saying that that's a cover story. Kim was a paid prostitute for that old man. She stormed out and did not go through with the deal.

236 days ago


Is this S**T fo real? in 2014?

236 days ago


Please say she was saying a nutter butter cookie please

236 days ago


Screw you, Kim. You get what you deserve for being a paid escort.

236 days ago


Engaged with a child only a few months old divorce less than a year .... Mmmm tell again how is this man insulting you or your baby's daddy more than you already have by being an escort to a rich old guy??? You have millions yet you take any penny like your life depends on it?? That amount of money is packet money for your super annoying Yezzus. So much disrespect calling your lame ass as our lord Jesus . The entire family is phony and a shame . I hope the rest of the world opens their eyes to this horrible family. No values or respect for what is sacret to others ... If you want to be respected, begin by respecting others!!!

236 days ago


I didnt hear the "ER" i heard the "GA". Clearly he was referencing the song. there was no racist intent here. You cant have a song named ni**as in Paris and not expect people of different ethnicity to mention the actual title of the song.

236 days ago


we all know that Kim isn't an angel, but i think some or many german still racist! he could make any other joke, but why exactly this one? and that rich old man, why he paid her this much just to be in vienna? he isn't better than kim at all.... i lived in vienna and germany, i know how many ppl are, but the new generation is kinda different.

236 days ago

Nobody Special    

The most disturbing part of Kim's Escort Trip was the fact she dragged the poor Baby with her. I used my Airport Calc for Miles and LAX->NYC_>PARIS->Vienna was 13,506 miles.

235 days ago


Ever heard of irony, satire, pun, sarcasm? I'd rather be joking at someome instead of living where Zimmermaning little boys is considered a minor offence. Bloody hell, and you want to be the number one. Pathetic hypocrits, that's what too many of you Americans are. Yanks go home.

235 days ago


that was funny as ****. kim get the stick out your ass, put ray-js back in. at least you knew who you were back then.

why do you think old money invited you there?

235 days ago


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235 days ago


Don't like Oliver Pocher, his jokes are often lame and tastless. But here I have to defend him. He clearly was refering to Kanye song and simple echanged the names of the two cities. It wasn't meant as a racist slur. And for Kim beeing paid to attend the ball (which is kind of the biggest social event in Austria, with live Broadcast )Mr. Lugner invites a more or less famous person every year and pays lots of money for them (he is a bit nuts). Kim is just on a long list with the likes of : Pamela Anderson, Sophia Loren, Dita van Teese, Carmen, Larry Hagmann, Farah Fawcett, Ivana Trump, Sarah Ferguson (Queen of Englands Ex dauther in law), .... So yeah Kim Kardashian is mostly famous for beeing famous, but she surely wasn't paid for anything more than a bit of publicity for a very rich, crazy, old man.

235 days ago


Okay! Thats Oliver Pocher.
But ,who is Kim the Z-Promi?

235 days ago


She is such a fat loser she ****s ******s and a lot of people think it's gross no big deal but don't get upset when people call her a ****** ****er or make fun of her for being with every colored guy she can find. if I were to see her in person I would no doubt call her ugly and a ****** ****er. I can't stand that dumb **** rapper she got knocked up by either

235 days ago


KK is a ****** liver anyway, she has no respect for herself by being known as a slug got all these ******s that said they all ****ed her. That's what aged wants, that's what did gets. She doesn't deserve to even be known as a someone. Poor child of hers, that baby will grow up and know from the world what her mom was known for. KK doesn't know this??? She does and don't care. Every black artist says try tapped that ass. Really nice. And the funny part us, They don't want to be called ******s when they treat every woman like a piece of trash. But it's ok that they call each-other ******....

234 days ago
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