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Kim Kardashian

Holy Crap! He Really Said

'N****rs in Vienna'

2/28/2014 11:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

022814_kim_k_vienna_launch Wow.  Kim Kardashian wasn't BSing when she said some dude at the Vienna Opera Ball said he wanted to dance to "N****rs in Vienna."

TMZ broke the story ... Kim went insane when the dude dropped the N bomb -- with an "R."  She stormed out of the ball ... a function for which she was paid $500K by some rich Austrian guy.

The guy apparently thought he was being funny, but you clearly see Kim is not amused.

He's both palatial and racial.


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First of all, English is not his first language, nor is he American, so it's not only possibly, but entirely likely that he doesn't get the subtle difference between pronunciation with an "a" and an "er." And if you don't want the international community to misunderstand you, perhaps you should refrain from making it so easy to do so! Take a little responsibility, Ks!!

242 days ago

Nobody Special    

Both Kim and her mother have the same exact Face-Lift from the same Doctor. I won't say the Doc's name but it's out there if you look. Both Kim and Kangay use the n-word all the time, she sings the n-word in all his music. For her to act insulted is just an act, and she is just a girl who has a laundry-list of black rappers who have "Hit-It", "Waxed-It", and done just about everything possible to her. Nothing will insult Kim, she has leather skin.

As most people know, if Kangay was a regular guy working at a 9 to 5 job, Kim would not even look at him. I'm sure she knows all his investments by now. If he's smart he will get a PO Box for his mail.

Kim did have a pretty face back in 2006 before she started doing the Face-Lifts and all the Duckbill Platypus Botox Injections. She had that Donald-Duck face for a few days before she went back and had the Doc suck some of that Botox back out.

For the young girls out there who have never had any implants, don't do it. When you get implants your body is constantly fighting to reject the foreign objects in your body. They leak and will make you sick. It's much better to be small and natural, than to be big and fake. There is no bigger turn-off for a man to feel a breast and then feel the plastic sacks around the hard scar tissue. It's OK if you need them for reconstructive surgery from an accident or cancer, but to have them installed at a young age is one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make.

242 days ago


It was clearly a play on words. And for Kim to get "offended" is BS. She's race baiting the entire situation. Kanye himself throws the word around in every other line. Give me a break with the outrage.

240 days ago


Since she seemed displeased ..I am sure it will be happening more and more. Kris does need to go sit down somewhere. I am tired of seeing her .

239 days ago

Mr. Smith    

Nice stamp Harv...Otherwise who would bother to hear the original, it's a lyric, and nothing of a level of genius, nor irony, or other poignant, or dispelling, or musical,

195 days ago

Mr. Smith    

Kim: Uuhuuh..he did it..(my boyfriend made a song named like that)((inner monologue))

195 days ago

peggy Harris    

so was the MONEY return back 2 the OWNER!!!

158 days ago


Kum K. LOOKS like a N****R so he was just being honest!.LMAO

156 days ago


I wonder if Kum realizes that she/her family and Kantye have brought out a distinct dislike for anything 'black'/'n***er in people .

156 days ago


Kanye was boasting in a song that he "impregnated her mouth and that's how he knew that she would be his spouse" and now she complains that she got insulted by this?

127 days ago


People please grow up!!! I'm so tired of some white ppl thinking they are better than minorities. All different cultures and colors shape our country. White people are getting threaten because mixed children are soon to take over in the future. We are already outnumbering and a lot of that is because white women are with wait for it black men and white men with Black and Latina women. So ppl, referring to the racist white people,stop thinking so negative because if the minorithe's teamed up guess what you'll be out numbered yet again especially since mixed kids are referred to being a minority plus mixed people are more exotic so stop with the racism ppl. Plus, North is an adorable baby and Kim you should have knocked that b#&$! out! White ppl are the most racist if they changed their mind frame then this country probably be more better. It's extremely upsetting when human beings think they are more just because a skin color please, get over yourself goodbye!

122 days ago


Not for nothing, but you can't be angry when you are in someone else's country and they say something like this. The word does not have the same connotation and history in other countries as it does here. He was wrong in saying it , maybe he didn't understand how upsetting that word is to people here. We had an exchange student from New Zealand and she didn't get the gravity of it either until she lived here and learned a bit about why it was so offensive. I can't stand Kim K. or her family anyway.

94 days ago

arnold james    

**** the Kardashians, white trash at its best!

94 days ago


OMG...did he really say Vienna?

92 days ago


That's Oliver pocher a German comedian ... He always talks **** lmaooooo n the lady speaking in German I still think he was Beeing disrespecting ....

82 days ago
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