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Kim Kardashian

Holy Crap! He Really Said

'N****rs in Vienna'

2/28/2014 11:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

022814_kim_k_vienna_launch Wow.  Kim Kardashian wasn't BSing when she said some dude at the Vienna Opera Ball said he wanted to dance to "N****rs in Vienna."

TMZ broke the story ... Kim went insane when the dude dropped the N bomb -- with an "R."  She stormed out of the ball ... a function for which she was paid $500K by some rich Austrian guy.

The guy apparently thought he was being funny, but you clearly see Kim is not amused.

He's both palatial and racial.


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You'd think that disgusting filthy Human Urinal would be used to it by now....

235 days ago


Who cares about how she felt? You were a whore being paid $500k. Do your job, Pornstar!

235 days ago

all about the money    

Well maybe if all these hip hop / rappers / gangsters quit using the word it wouldn't be wrongly used.
Problem is when you get a person speaking in english that isn't thier native language they don't understand the word is taboo to all but black people.
The crazy thing is that Kanye and Jay-Z did a song called N****S in Paris and its obvious the guy was trying to make a play on the song title by saying N****S in Vienna...because they were in Vienna. So Kim's "shock" was total BS and its being blown out of porportion. don't like the word...DON'T LET YOUR MAN MAKE A SONG WITH THE WORD IN IT!

235 days ago

stinky mcgee    

Did she frantically call Kanye?

235 days ago


Not sure what I should think here. Kanye/jayz did come out with "n*ggers in paris". Initially I didn't realize what he meant, but forgot there was an album called n*ggers in paris. I don't know why they named it that anyways? Im not sure how to take the guys comment. Guess he trying to be funny. Does he consider she and her mom-n*ggers- are is he just referencing the song.

235 days ago


The only difference between saying it with an A insteard of ER is poor grammer.
Any black person who really believes it has a different meaning and it's cool to say it with an A is dillusional and only hurting the fight against racism.

235 days ago


Pretty sure this foreign guy has no idea the difference between ***** and ****** and wasn't trying to make it a racial thing, she needs to relax! I mean does she get offended when she hears Kanyes gold digger song too?

235 days ago


Who really cares what she thinks! She was paid by this man which then makes her a fricken call girl! Kanye is marrying a whore. Any man who has respect for his fiance wouldn't allow it. Then again Kanye is a complete idiot! Not to mention ugly and always looks dirty.

235 days ago

Lisa G    

OK, so Jay Z can name a song *****s in Paris but no one else can say it or use it as a play on words. Silly trick. That's all Kim is. A silly, hypocritical trick.

235 days ago

Who Cares    

It's the name of kanye's song. She's with trash, known for being trashy, you will get disrespected. She's gross and so is Kanye.

235 days ago


why is she wearing a swatstika on her shirt

235 days ago

Who Cares    

Omg I just watched the video! Seriously he doesn't know the difference! It's the name a song! Your goof ball kanye is the one that wrote the song dummy. I have foreign relatives from Switzerland and they seriously wouldn't know the difference! Trust me on this! She's so dumb.

235 days ago


I guess it's only OK when Kanye uses the word... then she's fine with riding naked on a motorcycle..

Double Standard Kim... tattoo it on your forehead.. please

235 days ago


So no one can say the name of that ****ty song? Whatever...this has publicly stunt all over it.

235 days ago


By the way.. Kim needs to get off mom's nip... when you move away from home you leave the parental units behind.. I think Kris is the biggest fame h0e ever...

235 days ago
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