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Puts NBA Player On Blast

Laughs at Relationship, Says Kissing Sucked

3/2/2014 11:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


12:55 PM PT -- We spoke to Andre who tells us, "I found [Jennette's comments] funny. There's a lot of false info in there, but I'll be the mature person about the situation and let it die out."

Andre also posted a Vine video moments ago that seems to be a response to the story in which he says, "Sometimes you gotta live and learn by the mistakes you make. You gotta move on and keep pushing."

"iCarly" star Jennette McCurdy is kissing and telling in a big way about her short-lived "relationship" with NBA star Andre Drummond ... and according to Jennette, the kissing part SUCKED.

McCurdy appeared on Pete Holmes' podcast "You Made It Weird" and spilled her guts about her fling with 20-year-old Drummond.

Jennette didn't pull punches -- admitting she only heard about the guy after he repeatedly chose her as his "Woman Crush Wednesday" on Twitter -- and eventually agreed to talk to Drummond because he "seemed like a big deal."

030214_jenette_andre_date_launchJennette says they had some early conversations that "gave [her] pause" but she decided to go out on some dates with him anyway.

McCurdy then describes their first kiss -- which went down after a laser tag date -- saying, "It just didn't go great ... no sparks. The mouths ... the shapes weren't right."

Still, they continued to hang out, McCurdy says ... and he was so into her, he bought her a necklace and got down on his knees during a dinner date and asked her to be his GF.

Even though she wasn't into it, she said yes ... only to break up with him on the phone a few days later.

You gotta listen to the whole podcast ... McCurdy seems to be laughing at Drummond the entire time -- painting him as this pathetic, immature guy who doesn't have a clue about how to court a woman.

But the relationship did start as a public event on social media ... so, fair for Jennette to go public with all the gory breakup details too?



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No Avatar


She's kind of not a big deal.

244 days ago


I don't have the time, patience, or desire to "court" a woman. You're either into me, or you're not. Don't jack around with me, because you're not that special, princess.

244 days ago


Can't stand people who kiss and tell...so tacky;/

243 days ago


Where did she say the kissing part "sucked". Sounds like it was just awkward with no sparks. He's got nothing to be ashamed of. She on the other hand......

243 days ago


Seriously? I always took her for a lesbian.

243 days ago


She sounds like a complete bitch! I need to bitch slap that hoe!

243 days ago


she is obviously a bitch. to talk about a guy who she only known for a short time and to blast him that way. she is immature horribly immature

243 days ago


That's just mean. Poor guy. You know his teammates are ragging on him. :(

243 days ago


okay, he was 20 years old. probably didn't have a WHOLE lot of experience with girls. Not everyone was a slut bag in high-school. He was probably concentrating on being good at basketball. This was SOOO WRONG of this girl to do this to him. And when she's 30 and used up from all the douche bags ...she'll look back on this experience and kick her own ass for being such a BITCH. I will ALWAYS remember her for this....and boycott any project she gets lucky enough to be a part of....(I saw her pic....nothing special there so good luck with that)

243 days ago


I used to like this girl. Sounds like a total bit.. to me now. The guy sounds sweet. No wonder other girls/women can't have nice things (guys, of course.)

243 days ago


I'd say I would let it die down too but she's not that big a deal to being with. Moving on...

243 days ago


What a total bitch !!' Good for him for taking the high road .

243 days ago


Wait, so she actually found a basketball player who treated her well and wasn't completely full of himself and she puts him on blast like this? These are the types of girls who will then go home and tweet about how there are no real men left anymore.

243 days ago


She's a B*t*h for that with a capital "B". She laughed the whole time like she was trying to play him and then she was talking about his lips smh. She needs to learn how to treat people.

243 days ago


So now he is available to date Kyllie or Kendall Jenner...Momma Kris on the phone now trying to make a hook up...

243 days ago
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