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Chris Kattan

I'm Not Guilty

So Why Do I Have to Go To AA?

3/3/2014 11:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Chris Kattan just pled not guilty to DUI ... and in an unusual move, the judge ordered him to attend AA meetings.

TMZ broke the story ... Chris crashed his Mercedes into a parked car on the freeway last month after allegedly admitting he had taken Rx drugs.  Earlier that day he was totally out of it on an airplane.

Chris entered his not guilty plea Monday morning and the judge ordered him to attend 2 AA meetings per week -- as a condition to bail. It's odd ... because everything we've found about AA focuses on alcohol ... not prescription meds. And alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

It's also curious ... the judge didn't order Chris to abstain from meds or booze.


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James R. - Los Angeles    

He looks like Bob Denver.

180 days ago


His mugshot looks like a drunk Gilligan.

180 days ago


He is not going to learn a thing because he doesn't want to look at his life.

180 days ago

Terri M    

It's not the justice system's place to send anyone to AA. As an alcoholic, I find it discouraging that AA remains the "go to" and sometimes only mandated next step for people who need recovery. Sending people to AA does not work. I would go so far as to say it teeters on a separation of church and state . Higher power, anyone?

180 days ago

Deer diary    

guys, AA uses the same exact 12-step model of recovery as NA. the only difference is they interchange the words alcohol and narcotics. so it's perfectly fine to send an addict/abuser to an AA mtg. whether or not he has a problem, according to the program, is his decision...even if we know better.

180 days ago


THAT IS COMPLETELY FALSE!!! AA most certainly DOES focus on Rx meds!!! It focuses on any and all drugs!!! The premise is that you need to abstain from everything.....including alcohol, since a lot of people try to give up the drugs but think it's OK to continue drinking. If you are an addict, you are an alcoholic. If you are an alcoholic, you are an addict. They are interchangeable and completely overlap. The term used at many AA meetings is "Cross-Addicted Alcoholic". The program has completely evolved over the years to include ALL substance abuse Believe me.......... I cannot state this enough: AA is for alcoholics AND addicts......and it really, really works if you are willing to work it. I am a huge advocate. It is a Life-changing program. I really cannot say enough good things about the program.....

180 days ago


The judge is doing him a favor whether he knows it or not. Driving in his condition says it all.

180 days ago


No surprise here. Seems like comedians almost always have troubled lives and backgrounds,and I'm guessing this goes double for failing comedians that almost hit the big time and are on a downhill slide.

180 days ago


If you are a regular working class citizen and get slapped with a felony , it doesnt matter how hard you work to repair the damage. A felony sticks! You can't get a job to support your family. I have seen this firsy hand with my husband. Happened 8 years ago after his dad died that he had a lapse in judgement with drugs and got caught. He has been sober for years and the best at anything he does but is stuck flipping burgers. This is not fair. Society needs to be easier on those are actually reformed and harder on the spoiled celebrities.make it more difficult for them to get work instead.

180 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

At least he can play Gilligan when they make the Gilligan's Island movie. Other than that his career is pretty much over.

180 days ago

Everyone just needs to relax...    

Sweet haircut there, brah.

180 days ago


Look - it's Bob Denver back from the dead.

180 days ago


For the millionth time, that's not Chris Kattan in that video....

180 days ago

Comment king     

Also be very careful in those meetings because they are full of Criminals including Thieves Drug Dealers and Murderers with a 1 percent success rate. After you stick around long enough you will find that the people get delusion ally spiritual and controlling. Most of the people you see that are bragging about years of recovery are the 1 percent and the others you will never see again. Their claim is that they are not involved with denomination politics or organization but they are the number one place where Criminals are sent to by the court of Law! They are the ones that cannot grasp a life of honesty and have to be constantly reminded of that each day.

180 days ago


I used to love him and now he is just a douche bag who rants way too much

180 days ago
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