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She Doesn't Own Oscar Pic ...

Guess Who Does

3/4/2014 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ellen DeGeneres
does NOT own the picture that broke Twitter ... unless he signed his rights away, the owner of the famous Oscar pic is BRADLEY COOPER.

Here's the way it works ... the person who owns the now-famous photo is the person who actually took it ... NOT the person who owns the camera or organized the shoot. 

Cooper was the snapper ... so it's his.

And even if Ellen signed her rights over to the Academy when she signed her hosting gig, the Academy would have no rights to the photo, because Ellen can't transfer what isn't hers.

So unless Bradley signed his rights away to the Academy, he's the copyright owner.  Any use of the pic without his permission is a violation of the copyright.

He seemed down with tweeting it out, so Ellen is cool.  But any use of the pic on TV shows -- including hers -- would only be kosher with Bradley's blessing.  And he'd own the rights to any reproduction.

It all translates into cash.  It could come in handy if that "Hangover" money runs out.



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just because    

i knew already since he cut jared leto out on purpose ...i mean come on you can even see the lady waving's elbow in the original pic

199 days ago


Thankz TMZ, I KNEW IT! Ellen DeGeneres is a HE!

199 days ago


Who cares. It now holds the record of most RT ever and that was they wanted to achieve

199 days ago


Ellen fans are the dumbest, utterly brainless, easily impressed, mindless and deranged.
You are what is wrong with America today!
Idiotic dick heads.

199 days ago


That African chick's stupid ugly brother ruined the whole pic. Nobody wanted to see u SAMBO, u blocked the stars with ur stupid nappy fro I'm black so spare me the racist comments

199 days ago


These stories on here are getting worse by the minute.

199 days ago


It was actually product placement for SAMSUNG.

199 days ago


Ellen asked Lupita to be in the picture, not her brother, how rude of him to stick his face in there, also Liza Minelli was in the back so far she was not even seen, that makes since that the person who took the picture has rights to the picture.

199 days ago


Bradley seems to be a good guy but they are actors after all which is why I don’t get so hot and bothered over any of then. You are seeing a character or someone who knows how to lie very well. If he donates the entire thing to a "real" charity that is known to make sure most of the money isn't admin fee's then I might change my mind about him. All is see right now is a good actor who dates someone who could be his daughter. Man or woman I don't care who does it. This half your age thing creeps me out. I remember dating someone for a few months in my early 20s and the guy was 30 and felt like a dad. When he accused me of dating him for his job tittle I had to laugh, he had never met my family. Had he gotten to know me instead of trying to turn me into a trophy he would have laughed the first time he meet my parents and saw their house. Just an fyi ladies, marry for love, trophys do not talk and rich men usuallh are the center of everyones attention. Have faith in yourself. If you are struggling a book just came out called Driven Beyond Success. I highly recommend it. The reader was dirt poor with dyslexia. Anyone can make it in this country. Its an too, without giving it away the guy 2as also an asset for the FBI and tells about his many cases and how the people get cuaght. Its actually a funny book too. He put over 100 pics in the book so i am sure its a true story.

199 days ago


It's depressing to see such a collection of no talents who are marketed to us as the best Hollywood has to offer.
Why bother?

199 days ago


Julia Roberts looks like a donkey , as always! Sorry donkeys!!!

199 days ago


....was this being discussed prior to this post?

199 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

Always thinking of money. I was there sitting a few rows back. It was just a great moment when they let down their and had fun. That and staring at Travolta's head cat!

199 days ago


Such a cute happy picture :-)

199 days ago

Laura j    

Wow... what a story.

199 days ago
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