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Lamar Odom

Drug Dealers

Suspected in Kardashian Jewelry Heist

3/5/2014 1:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
's drug dealers could be linked to the $250,000 jewelry heist at Lamar and Khloe's house ... because we're told the dealers threatened to break in to get the money Lamar never paid.

Multiple sources involved in Lamar's drug deals last year tell TMZ ... Lamar wasn't paying his tab.  In fact, our sources say he was in the hole $15K to just one dealer back in Sept. and he owed another more than $40K.

Lamar would fend them off by saying he was loaded and therefore good for it.  He would also justify not paying from time to time because the quality of the drugs was "wack."

We're told Lamar owed 10s of thousands of dollars to drug dealers when he left for Spain last month.

Now the plot thickens.  We're told Lamar was getting text messages threatening his safety and also warning him they would break into his home to get even.

Cops don't know who stole the expensive jewelry but we're told there was no sign of forced entry.  One source says he has reason to believe one of the dealers had connections to someone who works for the family and had lawful access to the house.

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time for dr drew & dr phil

195 days ago


Omg lol

195 days ago


If I was Lamar Odom I['d get a good attorney and sue the hell out of PMK who is planting these stories with TMZ. Wasn't it bad enough they ran story after story on a daily basis about his drug use and tried to ruin him -here we go againl. DISGUSTING!

195 days ago


Lamar is a dud. The guy looks like he is mildly retarded and somewhat acts like it also. That should have been Khloe's first red flag. Look, all these Kardashians are vapid jerks. But one thing they don't seem to be are criminals and addicts. And I somewhat give them props for that. Stay away from these shady Negroes, Khloe. Kanye seems relatively save because he is so freaking narcissistic that he wouldn't, by nature, do anything highly illegal or get involved in drugs. It would make his precious image look too bad. So, in that sense, Kim is safe. But people like Lamar, or other Negro athletes or other lower hip hoppers, forget it. Even Khloe can do better.

195 days ago


He's a lucky bastard! Instead of breaking his legs, they rob his wife. Maybe he should have convinced his drug homies also to kill the bitch on occasion. Well, maybe next time . . .

195 days ago


In other words, "drug addicts will be drug addicts." Here's the key. Go steal what you want frommy wife. I don't have time, nor am I sober enough to get the money together, or to give a ****e enough to. Take it. AND, Screw you, honey. I love you, but I love my crack more than your "crack."

195 days ago


No security cameras? And these K's are idiots for not having safes for valuables. They are begging for theives to come after them, huh?!

195 days ago


You shouldnt loan drugs to people one should pay their dealers so as to not indanger family and friends inside job for sure thats more than peoples annual salary sitten around under the matress how dumb is that

195 days ago


HOAX~ the Kardashian sociopaths strike again!!

195 days ago


Lamar should never had married into druggies to begin with! Cause no one is going to expect me to believe that as eager to fit in as these bunch have been they aren't users themselves. Shows in the gaze! And plastic surgery pain killers is already a given their cabinets are loaded with the " quality" ****.

195 days ago


It's all such a deja vu. Remember Kourtney and Scott claimed they were robbed years ago while they were out to dinner. I think they were trying to blame the camera crew.

195 days ago


So, let's blame it on Lamar Odom. Right, I'm not buying this bunch of lies. What about the break-in at Kourtney's? The $50,000 CASH? How did these so-called drug dealers know where she hid her cash??? Sounds like some pretty smart drug dealer's to me that aren't afraid of, gated community's and security cameras. WHO came up with this BS??? The Kardahian/Jenner family?? It stinks! Right, you can feed this line of bull**** to someone who doesn't know the Kardashian's are surfing for a story line to save that pathetic show that has gone down the ****ter. Harvey, please lay off Lamar Odom. You can't continue to attack and make allegations against a man who simply wanted OUT of his relationship with that control freaking Sasquatch Khloe. I hope Lamar sues you and the Kardashina's for making such allegations. You are pitiful..They are pitiful..

195 days ago


FIRST OFF....if they have text messages.( and we know cops can get them all) then we know who the drug dealers are by their numbers. This entire theft is BS....publicity stunt and Insurance Fraud.

195 days ago


TMZ doesn't this all sound familiar to you? You reported the same robbery in 09 about Kourt http://www.tmz.com/2009/10/18/kardashian-home-burglarized/#ixzz0UIIUIFOA

195 days ago


Undisclosed sources aka PMK (Pimp Mama Kris)

Earlier today the "story" was that $250k of jewelry allegedly is "stolen" from the Kardashian-Odom home and $50k in CASH is stolen from Kourtney K's home and it was suspected the thefts were connected and an inside job. Now Lamar's drug dealers stole the jewelry to satisfy their debt? LOL!! TMZ Staff... If I only had a brain. Who needs a brain when they have PMK in their back pocket funding them?

195 days ago
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