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Miami Dolphins Player

Stop Attacking My GF's Breast-Feeding Pic

3/5/2014 4:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0305_ash3nicole_instagramMiami Dolphins linebacker Philip Wheeler says his girlfriend is being unfairly attacked over a picture showing her breast-feeding their son ... and now he's calling for people to stop the boob hate, asap.

Wheeler's GF is model Ashley Nicole -- who recently posted a photo showing her son latched on to her right breast inside of their home. She included the caption, "Was on the way out the door but then mommy duty called... Everything stops for him! #breastisbest #natureisbeautiful."

Problem is ... not everyone felt the same way -- and social media erupted with people trashing Nicole for posting the pic in the first place. 

TMZ Sports spoke to Wheeler ... who says, "I wish everybody would just leave it alone" ... adding, "She's a model. She takes pictures for a living."

Wheeler pointed out that Gisele posted a breast-feeding pic back in December -- and was widely praised for it -- and doesn't understand why his GF isn't getting the same love. 

As for the pic, it's still posted on Ashley's Instagram page -- and we're told she has no plans to take it down. 


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jeebus chris    

This may be the first time in my life where I side with the football player. It's a nice photo of a mother feeding her baby. Sounds to me like people are angry because she's a beautiful model, and therefore her reason for posting the picture must be vanity, whereas if it was a regular (non model) woman, it would be OK. People are idiots.

230 days ago


Breast is best. Good for her.

230 days ago


I guess some people forgot what breast were made for silly people "Breast are for babies"!

230 days ago


Dont make a difference if your a model,cover up.. if you dont want to be talked about in a bad way dont post tasteless photos like that

230 days ago


We all know why Gisele got praise and this woman didn't but we'll just go on pretending that we don't! But I'll say this, one of these is different from the other! All this bulls@t about she's holding the baby wrong? Naw, she's just holding the baby BLACK!

230 days ago


There is nothing wrong with this pic. Besides being a natural thing that every woman should do if they have a baby. There is nothing showing here. The Miley's, and Kardashians, etc can show all the nudity they want and that is fine but a picture like this stirs trouble. People should be ashamed of themselves.

230 days ago


I just noticed something...if you scroll down from her pic there is a photo called Max George: Bangin' in Barbados - the pic shows a woman pulling her string bikini out of her ass!!! They even have a close up shot of it!! This is ok but a pic of a mom breastfeeding is not?????

230 days ago


There is nothing wrong with openly breast feeding!!! If it bothers you don't look!

230 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

His woman is pretty, go ahead and marry her man, get a pre-nup as well but, anyway. She shouldnt put it on the internet if she doesnt want to be criticized. I dont agree with people being mean to her by no means, Im against any type of hate, im for fairness and kindness, that said, she shouldnt and nobody put anything on the internet they dont want commented on. People are haters of anyone they can hate on and its the WORLD we live in. EVERYONE has an opinion and unlike before the interent, you can directly tell stars and there wives/kids/etc., what you think. Just tell your woman to fall back on the interent and FOCUS on your wonderful young family man, you have a cute kid and woman, wife her and keep you/her private LIFE private. She has to adjust to the price of being rich and famous and it comes with a price, she has to pay to not be ridiculed by the public, you have to not give the public access to your private LIFE. People are wrong for how they have treated your woman though. Just tell her,"Stay of the net with our private LIFE and keep it general if you want to still enjoy the net, its jerks out here who just like to make others lives miserable cause theres is"! Have a good one! LGNM

230 days ago


I would at least sit down, she is at home

230 days ago


Good for you! Breast is best! I think a mother nursing her child is a beautiful, natural thing! It would be awesome if Americans would stop sexualizing women's Breast and appreciate them a little more when seeing them being used for what they were intended.

230 days ago


Good! People need to chill out! She's not taking any disturbing photos she is just showing her love for a natural process. People are ridiculous these days...

230 days ago


Breast is best!! She was on her way out the door & then needed to feed the BABY!! I think some people could learn alil something in having no shame in something so natural.

230 days ago


We see bare breasts all the time, and while public breast feeding is not something I'm a fan of (unless covering up), but she's in her own home! If you don't like the pic, don't double click on it and keep scrolling. What is the big deal?

230 days ago


Tell your GF to stop posting pictures and no one will bother her. Problem solved.

230 days ago
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