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Jimmy Fallon

NBC Threatens Celebs ...

It's Fallon or the Highway

3/6/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

is coming down like a hammer on celebs who want to get on Jimmy Fallon's show ... if they dare do a show on CBS or ABC ... they can forget about "The Tonight Show."

Sources connected to CBS, NBC and ABC tell TMZ ... the Peacock network believes Jimmy Fallon's ratings success gives them extreme bargaining power.  They put the word out to celebs, agents and publicists ... if they want to be on Fallon they can't appear on ANY other network ... and not just shows that go head-to-head with Jimmy, but morning shows as well.

We're told NBC is saying the stars who go on Fallon are also allowed to appear on "Today," "Dateline" and any similar shows they air, but that's it. 

A GMA source tells TMZ ... they've already gotten fallout from people they were trying to book.

Fallon is dominating late night .... crushing Jimmy Kimmel by bringing in more than twice the number of viewers.


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NBC and Fallon have just buried themselves - you can't threaten celebs like this - who do you think you are? Guess you want to do a show w/no celebs to interview. Well then maybe Fallon can have time to be tutored in the correct way to do interviews and not take over all the talks w/his nonsense. I was willing to watch him at times and give his different approach a chance but now .. I'll never watch his show. And for NBC -- you've been noted for doing dumb things like cancel good shows the fans want to see but now ... you really are showing your true colors. As for me, you've taken off so many of the really good shows I watched and enjoyed along w/many many others, I think I just have one I still watch on your network - that's it - rest are all on ABC, CBS and Fox. So put that in your pipe and smoke it - that's about all you'll have left thinking you're so much better than anyone else. Wake up - you're losing and losing fast!

164 days ago


are people crazy for listening about the jimmy fallon show? LOL..that sure sounds likek a monopoly to me! I can't believe they would listen to that crap about only going on fallon show or they won't be on at all if they go on another show?? I hate Jimmy Fallon you can see he tries to hard and is a phony..Please dont let them to that to you.If everyone went on shows they want to go on then no one would go on they would have to change their ways..

163 days ago


I seem to remember that NBC and The Tonight Show pulled the same strong-arm tactics during the Johnny Carson era.

163 days ago


How juvenile on the part of NBC! I started watching Fallon but stopped the minute I heard of these restrictions.

163 days ago


NBC needs more viewers and this is not the type of publicity that will get them.

162 days ago


I really don't care for Jimmy Fallon. He seems nice enough, but not very entertaining. I used to watch Jay mostly, but now, I watch Jimmy Kimmel or Dave.........and once Dave is gone, I will exclusively watch Jimmy Kimmel.
I don't know why Craig Ferguson was not put in Dave's place.............

162 days ago

Len Robertson    

Good Luck for Jimmy Fallon when Steven Colbert takes over for Letterman. Everyone from the Colbert show will move with him and he'll have John Stewart at his back. if John Oliver comes immediately afterward, Fallon will have the geezer crowd and not much else.

162 days ago


And the buck stops with Fallon.

162 days ago


This is still a free country. Celebs can and should appear wherever they want. I think I will stop watching the Late Show

161 days ago

This man is not funny,period!!!!

159 days ago

Teri Townshend    

Sounds like the ultimatums that come out of the White House and we all know that the White House and NBC eat from the same plate. What a bunch of BS

155 days ago


It did not take long for Fallon to sell out, now did it?? He is way too talented to have to settle for this kind of crap from NBC. Guess it's the price you pay if you really want to host the Tonight Show.

145 days ago


Who cares about Fallons show? The showsucks big time!

128 days ago


Sounds and smells like restraint of trade to me. Why isn't anyone from NBC in jail yet? And, by the way, Jimmy, I won't be watching you anymore.

127 days ago


Sounds like restraint of trade to me. Why isn't anyone from NBC in jail yet?

127 days ago
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