Arnold Schwarzenegger Sued By Prison Inmates You Poisoned Us With Valley Fever

3/7/2014 12:20 AM PST

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still being haunted by his political past ... the ex-Gov. is being sued by inmates who accuse him of sentencing them to a fate worse than prison -- a cruel, disfiguring and crippling disease.

According to the lawsuit filed by 22 current and former inmates ... Schwarzenegger and other officials knowingly kept them in a Central Cali prison where they claim Valley Fever killed 30 inmates, and left many more with horrible symptoms.

Valley Fever attacks the body's organs ... victims may suffer skin lesions, limb amputations and brain damage. The disease is spread by spores found in soil -- and the inmates say they were exposed to it. 

The inmates are also suing current Gov. Jerry Brown ... claiming he continued Arnold's policy.

They want cash to cover medical care, and pain and suffering -- beyond the typical prison pain and suffering.

FUN FACT: The plaintiffs are incarcerated at ... Pleasant Valley Prison.