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Jimmy Fallon

NBC Forces Exclusive Deal On Celeb Guests ...

The Peacock Block

3/7/2014 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Jimmy Fallon's crushing his competition -- partially because NBC's making one helluva deal for celebs to come on his show, and stay off all the other networks.

It's the kind of hard bargaining ... expert negotiators can appreciate.



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This is perhaps one of the dumbest things I have ever heard on TMZ, and believe me, there's been so much to choose from.

198 days ago


Celebs with new movies out must make the talk show circuit to promote their movie, this is laughable to think they would only appear on an NBC network show

198 days ago


Met Jimmy Falon once ar Ragtime in Atlantic beach. He is very cool!

198 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

Id rather watch Jimmy kimmel

198 days ago


Fallon didn't make it to where he is by whistling Dixie while banging out on the drums. He does have talent. That being said NBC's move to alienate celebs from other talk shows based on Fallons talent is too risky and it feels like a slap in the face to us fans of other shows as well as Fallon's.....shame on you NBC.

198 days ago


Good for Jimmy! He makes me laugh.

198 days ago


I hated Leno and like Fallon but won't watch because of this crap. It's bull**** and most stars will say 'screw you, I'm heading to Letterman!' I'd rather watch Letterman and that sexy Scot, Ferguson every day of the week!! They are just going to lose fans who don't like this kind of crap and stars who are spoiled brats and don't like being told what to do. It's going to backfire on them BIG TIME!!

198 days ago


what is jimmy fallon afraid of he can t make it on his own talent alone he needs to threaten people . he doesn t have confidence in himself ? what a punk i hope he falls on his ass

198 days ago


If this is true I think there should be a reverse boycott of Fallon of and NBC he is not that hot and his show is not different then his late show. they are doing it cause they are afraid they will loose people fast. He is no Leno, I was a fan of Jimmy but after hearing this I am not watching him or NBC anymore BOYCOTT NBC AND FALLON NOW!

198 days ago


QUESTION: Celebrities are restricted from doing other shows. My question is, how restricted? Can they do different shows (Kimmel/Letterman) on a different day or week? Can they do other shows if they are promoting a different project? Also, what happens if they DO appear on another show, is there a penalty?

198 days ago


The Tonight Show is basically just Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The Tonight Show itself is dead.

198 days ago


Can not be true....Liam Neeson, and Lea Michele....just to name 2, appeared,on Kelly and Michael and Good Morning America, all in the same week they appeared,on Fallon. ....just sayin' TMZ! That said Jimmy Fallon's tonight show is exactly the same as Jimmy Fallon's late show.... Same bits, the same shtick, the same band with the same old music,etc.... It is very sad that NBC does not have the confidence in Fallon if they really are buying off the guests..... Isn't that like fixing a game? They will never know if they have a winner if they will not let him compete.... Seems to me they do not have any confidence in him!

197 days ago


And now that I think about it.... Someone is going to tell the likes of George Clooney or Brad Pitt or Matt Damon what to do? They are far bigger stars and Jimmy Fallon will ever be..... They don't need Fallons and they don't need NBC..... Hopefully they'll tell both of them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine

197 days ago

david t. krall    

from : david t. krall

last night was the last night I decided to watch Jimmy Fallon. What on earth is with the "cheer-leading" sqaud in the audience??? I noticed it last week and noticed they "toned it down", is in a the memo ordered that !!!??? but the last few nights I got really sick of hearing literal SCREAMERS and "CHEERLEADERS" even "cheering-on" eve n before (!)
or just about with (!) the punchline of Fallon' jokes. I statred to really listen and noticed when he would say
something that was genuinely and truly funny, NO
SCRERAMERS !!!as in 'not necessary" on this joke or that one... it seamed a pattern is "deciferable" here
and all this screaming "cheering" is SO obvioulsly
and way blatantly trash-phoney

197 days ago


What ever JFK. What ever.

197 days ago
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