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Justin Bieber

Storms Out of Depo

Over Selena Questions

3/7/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber lost his cool under oath Thursday, when a lawyer started peppering him with questions about Selena Gomez ... TMZ has learned.

Bieber sat for a 4 1/2 hour deposition in Miami in connection with a lawsuit filed by a photog who claims last June Bieber sent his hired muscle to beat him up.

The contentious lawyer for the bodyguard drilled Bieber on a variety of subjects, but things spun out of control when Selena Gomez was raised.

The lawyer started asking if Selena was present during any incident involving fights with photogs.  Bieber's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, felt the lawyer was just trying to get a rise so he objected.  But the lawyer persisted and asked again ... Bieber was fuming and Weitzman jumped in and said his client was being harassed.

The photog's lawyer asked about Selena again, and at that point Justin and Weitzman stood up and left, and as Justin was leaving he screamed, "Don't ask me about her, do not ask me about her!"

Five minutes later they returned but things got even hotter.  At one point Bieber responded to a question with the word "Yeah."  The lawyer said, "Do you mean yes?"  To that Bieber responded, "What the f*** is the difference between yeah and yes?!"

A short time later Bieber fired back, "What is this, "60 Minutes?"  At another point he responded to a question by saying to the lawyer, "OK Katie Couric, what's your question again?"

And even TMZ got in the act.  The lawyer showed Bieber multiple TMZ posts, and the singer accused the lawyer of having an obsession by constantly surfing TMZ for Bieber stories.

And finally ... the lawyer asked Bieber if he has a prescription for Xanax, and Bieber responded, "No."



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boo boo    

Pie eyes and pizza face.....who do you think you're fooling, you dopehead?

167 days ago


Boo hoo

167 days ago


These constant attacks are pathetic. I would love to see how really perfect you all are in your own lives......

167 days ago


As much as I am NOT happy with Bieber, I have to agree with him on this one. I do understand that lawyers have to do their jobs but I have mixed feelings about this.

167 days ago


Lol at the guys who say they aren't jealous of Bieber yet they attack him on his appearance every chance get haha everyone gets acne at some point in the life. Btw you fools would want Bieber deported so more money is wasted. The dude needs help not anymore hate.

167 days ago


Deport his twink A$$ back to Canada

167 days ago

Just Steve    

And he's still richer than all of us. Hate it or love it

167 days ago

boo boo    

People come on this site and are so upset by the negative comments posted about celebrities. Why do you all keep coming back for more?

167 days ago



167 days ago

Ozzie X    

drama queen.

167 days ago


So he under oath stated that doesn't have a prescription for Xanax. Lol Should've just plead the 5th of that one cause now the other guys can use it against him, which is really what this is about. Everyone needs to compare notes so we can finally kick him the heck out of America.

167 days ago


This kid is a piece of work. He just needs to reevaluate his life and get rid of all these negative people surrounding him. So sad.

167 days ago

Tamie M    

So where is the drug possession charge? No prescription he's caught with a controlled substance..

167 days ago


It's an intelligence issue.

Most young guys act like idiots - I know I sure did. I don't fault him for being a douche. What I fault him for is that he is a fool. I knew when to turn it on and off, so as not to affect my future. This guy doesn't have the good sense to protect his career and future.

For those like me who can't stand him - don't worry - he'll unravel himself quickly now and will be a filthy rich has been very soon.

Mark Walberg and Justin Timberlake are the only teen hearthrobs that made the transition from teeniebopper. Both of them had an element of coolness. Justin still looks like a lesbian with some new little muscles. His teenie fans are growing up and will outgrow their attraction to femmy men.

167 days ago


Cry baby Cry! Grow up & go back to CANADA!

167 days ago
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