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'Big Brother' Star GinaMarie

Black People Have Forgiven Me

... For Dropping N-Bomb

3/8/2014 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

030914_gina_marie_launch"Big Brother" star GinaMarie Zimmerman -- who called welfare "n****r insurance" on the show and got fired from her job as a result -- says all is now good between her and the African-American community.

GinaMarie was leaving a convention in Queens when she told our photog that all the hate she received for dropping an n-bomb on TV is behind her.

As for the special pass she claims black people gave her ... we'll let her explain that one.

She has a way with words.


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199 days ago


Racism is alive and well. If you are hating white people because you will "never forgive", then that's on YOU. You are the racist. And carrying that around like a crutch makes me think you are actually unhappy about something else. It does confuse the issue when all the cool rap stars call themselves "*****".

199 days ago


Race baiting as usual tmz smh

199 days ago


Speak the truth, you get a beatdown. That's what political correctness has done to America.

199 days ago


"what she said is racist but the comments below like "white devil", and "crackas" are not?! Right! I am not a racist by all means but why is it ok for "blav" ppl to say things but as soon as a "white" person says somthing the racist card it pulled out

199 days ago


Correction..."black" not "blav" on my comment below

199 days ago

Macc 6400    

Why does she sound like that?

199 days ago


I haven't....

198 days ago


I watched her season and she still lives at home, did not know how to spell or pronounce words and she fell "in love" with someone after two weeks who did not give a **** about her, wouldn't even kiss her so this chick is an idiot!! Her comment is stupid and untrue!

198 days ago


She's right. It happened at last weeks meeting. We were ALL there, and in unison, we ALL said, "WE forgive you Gina Marie!" So it's all okay now.

198 days ago


She looks ugly without the makeup you can tell she's showing signs of ageing. That's a good thing about being black we age well. And no ginamarie you don't only have a couple of haters you have tons of haters. Grow up and act your age. And i find it hard to believe that black people are cool with you.

198 days ago


I guess she never learned the unwritten rule....only black people can use that evil n word, no other race is allowed to use it. It's ok if blacks call each other the n word, not sure why they do it if it is considered so bad.

198 days ago

Danger lee     

Now how about we talk about the TMZ employees? They seem so sad and soulless. The highlight of their day is posting controversial stories all day to get people fighting online....and when their work day is done they go home every night wondering if this will be the night they end it all. Of course they'll decide to leave it up to chance and end their evening with some auto-erotic asphyxiation....go TMZ!

198 days ago


Forgiven her isn't really the word the phrase. More like forgotten her.

198 days ago

J Gould    

I doubt the black people in there even knew who she was but the "N-word insurance" really is just the tip of the iceberg. She said she wouldn't date a black man because she doesn't date out of her species and that the biracial girl's birth mother must have been on crack to sleep with a black guy. Not to mention all of the stuff she said about Jewish, Asian, and Latino people. She thinks the black community has forgiven her but the truth most people don't know who she is in the first place and if they did; they'd probably have some choice words for her. Another stupid racist without any self awareness.

198 days ago
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