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You Don't Know Jack About Napkins

Says Guy Who's Suing

3/8/2014 12:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

030714_webster_lucas_mcdonalds_launchThe guy who sued McDonalds for $1.5 mil for shorting him on napkins says he doesn't miss the golden arches one bit ... because now he eats at Jack in the Box.

Webster Lucas was leaving lunch in the Valley with a friend when our photog spotted his J.I.T.B. to-go bag.  Ironically, we caught him holding the bag outside a Mickey D's.

Lucas groused that Ronald could learn a thing or 2 from Jack ... in the napkin dept.

As we previously reported ... Webster claims in his lawsuit he suffered severe emotional injury after being on the receiving end of racial slurs by a McDonalds manager ... who refused to give him more than one napkin.

If it doesn't get all over the place ... oh wait, wrong company.



No Avatar

Thizz √$    

Vette guy is a punk

194 days ago


What a piece of dung. When I used to eat that garbage they always forgot to put napkins in the bag. I never thought of suing them. Only a brain dead piece of ghetto trash thinks of ways to sue over such trivial matters.

194 days ago


if he is so severely emotionally injured he should just kill himself. suing over napkins? god should kill him so he doesnt get a penny.

194 days ago

Just My Opinion    

You don't know jack $#!^ on what you can sue over, dude. Napkins of all things. LMAO The lame azz lady that put her hot coffee between her legs (not putting it in her cup holder in her car ), and tried to sue McDs for it was bad enough, but your claim is beyond ridiculous!!

194 days ago


Sometimes you have to do the ridiculous to get actions taken. Companies today need to teach their employees better customer service, and they wouldn't have problems like this.

194 days ago


The real criminal here is the lawyer that filed this case to begin with. It should be thrown out immediately.

194 days ago


"you people" is not a racial slur. For all he meant, "you people" meant "you ******* customers" not "you blacks". He needs to grow up and stop eating fast food.

194 days ago


Am gonna sue tmz. For damaging my brain with this pile..and then am gonna sue Facebook for letting post this..on a tmz link. And then am gonna sue Samsung for making big ass phones.. and I can't see the TV at the same time and play candy crushed. And then am gonna sue. King for not letting me pass level 191 for like 2 weeks and then am gonna....

194 days ago

Thizz √$    

Vette guy is a punk

194 days ago


Is there a connection between Mc Donald's food and brain deterioration?

194 days ago


What a freaking nut! His law suit will be thrown out and hopefully he'll be banned from McDonalds! Let him eat a JITB....until he tries to sue them.

194 days ago

BB not bb    

Yes I love this guy. He is so cool. He is a civil rights protestor over napkin discrimination. I am lovin' it Micky Cheapskates. Why do they allow savage racist HIspanics to manage restaurants where they are free to torment Americans over napkins. That whole place is a set up to cause napkin chaos.

194 days ago


He should lose his citizenship. #preposterous A classy establishment that turns left overs into a $1 menu might lose its panache. .

194 days ago

Thizz √$    

Vette guy is a punk scotty 1234 is too ! Huh go figure...

194 days ago

Kev the Realist    

This is exactly what makes our justice system a joke. This should be thrown out and any attorney who files crap like this should be disbarred.

194 days ago
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