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You Don't Know Jack About Napkins

Says Guy Who's Suing

3/8/2014 12:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

030714_webster_lucas_mcdonalds_launchThe guy who sued McDonalds for $1.5 mil for shorting him on napkins says he doesn't miss the golden arches one bit ... because now he eats at Jack in the Box.

Webster Lucas was leaving lunch in the Valley with a friend when our photog spotted his J.I.T.B. to-go bag.  Ironically, we caught him holding the bag outside a Mickey D's.

Lucas groused that Ronald could learn a thing or 2 from Jack ... in the napkin dept.

As we previously reported ... Webster claims in his lawsuit he suffered severe emotional injury after being on the receiving end of racial slurs by a McDonalds manager ... who refused to give him more than one napkin.

If it doesn't get all over the place ... oh wait, wrong company.



No Avatar


so he is suing for racial discrimination not a napkin.... truth in journalism

167 days ago


get a job you lazy sack of chit

167 days ago


This fool and his lawyer and the judge should all be committed to a mental hospital. Years ago they would have been laughed right out of the courtroom, just shows how insane our society has become.

167 days ago



167 days ago


This guy just needs to get a job. Wow they shorted u napkins. I've sat at drive through designated wait parking spot for 25 min waiting for my kids happy meals that the workers forgot about. All I got was a free value meal. The most your sorry ass deserves is a free small fry.

167 days ago

Fred Joachim    

The archetype for frivolous law suit control.

167 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Assh0le is trying to set a legal precedent. I hope he gets his legal precedent. I hope the court system tries his case, he loses and has to pay court costs. Then, because he has nothing of any value, they can put him in jail to do jail labor for jail wages in order to pay off court costs. Maybe he can keep the napkin containers stocked up or something.

167 days ago


Webster Lucas spent time in prison for sodomizing an 18 year old and admitted to smoking PCP on a daily basis. Where is that in your story TMZ?

Huffingtonpost has the full details.

167 days ago

BB not bb    

How many times do you go in some cheap restaurant and never want to go back because of the bad attitudes from the staff that you get there. They don't have to put up a sign that says Negros/Jews/ Whites keep out. They just let you know with their hostile attitudes and terrible service. They are either completely ungrateful, rude, mess up your order, or even hostile. You feel like you are just not welcome there and feel to sick at the idea of the abuse to want to go back.

Restaurants are in the hospitality industry. That means the customers expect to be treated with a certain level or respect and care. If you go in a restaurant and get made a fool of by the manager in front of a crowd of people, I see how that could be traumatizing to someone.

167 days ago


Wow there was a time when i didnt get any napkins in my carryout....i didnt knw it was that serious,good thing i keep

167 days ago

I wonder    

Hold up just a second.....Burger King put mustard on my burger instead of mayo......I wonder what that's worth. hahahahahaha

167 days ago


Pathetic! My husband got paralyzed from a drunk driver and only got $19,000. My husband is more of a man than this guy will every be!!!

167 days ago


this man isn't going to win a dime. This just proves you can sue anyone for anything. It does mean you're going to win however. We'll see what happens.

167 days ago


maybe he should learn to eat like a human and not a messy pig

167 days ago

Jackie Fromm    

I really do not believe this guy at all. Looking for a pay day if you ask me. Seriously who is going to win a case over napkins or because he claims he was spoken to wrongly? This needs to be thrown out of court.

167 days ago
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