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George Zimmerman

Fails to Kill at Gun Show

3/10/2014 9:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Zimmerman has figured out a way to exploit what made him famous -- GUNS.

Zimmerman did a meet-and-greet Saturday at an Orlando gun shop.  People lined up for an autograph pic of Zimmerman and his dog ... actually only around 20 people lined up.

It's a page out of the OJ playbook ... get acquitted of killing someone, and then show up places and sign autographs.

One funny thing ... the pic Zimmerman signed is clearly from days past, when he weighed 50 lbs less ... and that's being generous.

Vanity ... it's not just for good people.


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Wow, those gun lovers must have been in heaven.... opps many don't end up in heaven I'm sure.

230 days ago


How about sharing some of that fame money with your lawyer George?

230 days ago


Low life's love that FAT BASTARD!

230 days ago


I can't wait for this POS to get what's coming to him... tick tock LOSER!!!!!

230 days ago


what does he do again?.....huh...

230 days ago

boo boo    

His fans = dudes who wear fanny packs

230 days ago


Yep, blowing away that Trayvon trash was the right thing to do, you know it, i know it. Therefore George was found NOT guilty.
Signing autographs is fine, but maybe he should go into some bigger franchise with an action figure set: hood action hero George with a pump gun attacked by lil black thugs with hoodies. Something like that . . .

230 days ago


Only in America.. Non blacks become famous for being a child murderer..why the **** they want his autograph.. Mother ****ers sicker then him. I wanna autograph his extra large coffin..piss on his grave.

230 days ago


TMZ should be happy he took out some future gang THUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. HA, HA, NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!! and you can't change it TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!

230 days ago

Thizz √$    

Vette boy is a punk

230 days ago

Stupid ppl    

I know a perfect job for Z he can scoop up sh$t at the Zoo b/c that's exactly what he is sh$t and then we won't have to hear about him anymore.

230 days ago


TMZ just compared OJ with Zimmerman. Even if you take murder charges off the table (cause no one can agree on that at all) OJ HAD a serious career BEFORE any of that stuff happened and most people who were fans of his were fans from THAT. Zimmerman was (is) a nobody who was accused of shooting someone and is now trying to stay (in)famous from that. Not the same. Bad comparison. Shotty writing... but then again... for TMZ, what's new.

230 days ago


You got to be f****** kidding me

230 days ago


Wish you guys had a branch down here in Floriduh, there are a large group of people who do support this clown, but a lot of us that find this to be everything wrong with what this state has become.

Was born in StPete, this place was a lot nicer when no one knew we were down here.

Politics is the problem, with a state that literally has 4% MORE Democrats than Republicans, yet we have 80% GOP in the State Legislature and GOP governor, making it a right wing paradise, but not for long.

This November, expect the Ds to make a HUGE push across the board and wrestle this state back from the far right.

Am ashamed of MY Home State when Zimmerman feels he can run around like this and make money from what he did from a bunch of knuckle dragon goon gun nuts.

Am hoping the next year will make us head more the way of California and open mindedness, would much rather deal with those problems than the ones we have now....

230 days ago

Black Adam    

Pulling crap like this is also what got OJay locked up.

230 days ago
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