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George Zimmerman

Fails to Kill at Gun Show

3/10/2014 9:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Zimmerman has figured out a way to exploit what made him famous -- GUNS.

Zimmerman did a meet-and-greet Saturday at an Orlando gun shop.  People lined up for an autograph pic of Zimmerman and his dog ... actually only around 20 people lined up.

It's a page out of the OJ playbook ... get acquitted of killing someone, and then show up places and sign autographs.

One funny thing ... the pic Zimmerman signed is clearly from days past, when he weighed 50 lbs less ... and that's being generous.

Vanity ... it's not just for good people.


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What a Zero.

191 days ago

versie martin    

Why is he news? This is low even for TMZ. I know you guys have to report news but why this guy. He is a terrible person. I wonder if he killed a white kid would he still be on your blog taking photos with people unless it was a jail photo. Why do you guys continue to act as if this guy is ok.IThis is down right insulting times 10.

191 days ago


What I think he meet with this picture was that this was what he was like (the real him) before he got stuck in a furious world of people stalking him. I don't agree with where he went to make money but it looks like America would rather foot his welfare bill than allowing him to just be left to go about getting a chance to make a legal living. Maybe they should march for all those innocent children being killed in places like the projects! Work on their own killers.

191 days ago


Great to hear few wanted his autograph!

191 days ago

This literally makes me sick. What a POS.

191 days ago


Seriously? A Meet & F*cking Greet... Piece Of Sh*t Zimmerman...

191 days ago


I'm holding a memorial party to celebrate Adam Lanza's life well spent

190 days ago

Tee Bailey    

You know.... sometimes... I think we put too much energy into some things.... I see this "guy" walking about smiling and happy and enjoying "life" and making a name for himself all over the nation the world and so forth. I can't help but to wonder what the parents of T Martin are thinking. They're struggling everyday to find a way to heal a hole in their hearts and voids in their minds. But.... there is a day when it comes 10 fold. We see a smiling GZ. A happy GZ. This man is miserable. Everyday he's watching his back. HE can't fill out a simple job application and hope to be hired. He's inherited something that he himself has yet to understand. Instead of fussing and posting and arguing and what not about this "guy" walking around.... you're giving him attention. The more attention you pay to him... he feels that he must keep going. There is NOTHING worse than a lonely soul. A soul that is bitter. A soul that is lost and is looking and searching and yet still can't find it.... I personally think he's most definitely serving a "life" sentence and I'll tell you why. Each day he shall be reminded of the horrific act he committed. Each day he will believe in his OWN mind that he is somebody important. Each day he wishes he was dead. Each day he tells himself he did the right thing. All of those devils and demons support him and egg him on. And I sit back and bide the time..... as Christopher Wallace said once " You're nobody. Until somebody. Kills you." If you really think about that long and hard. T Martin was a nobody until someone killed him. Just like how Mr. Wallace's lyrics play on the radio day after month after year... and yet his very own attackers were not caught.... this "guy" in this picture was not caught. But.... the only person that can torture him worse than any other person is..... HIMSELF... When you look at his pictures... you see the misery. It's inevitable. You can't hide misery. You know the saying.. Misery loves company in which many of us have used it in the wrong context. This miserable little man is literally serving time right now in his mind..... the one place he can't run and hide from.

Think about that.... long and hard.... I am a brown woman. I know the struggles. George has inherited his own hell in which he created for himself. Defuse people.... and digress. Time always wins.

190 days ago


Poor dog.

190 days ago

Suzy Q     

Losers gotta lose.

190 days ago


How about a beat and greet?

190 days ago

Pure Evil    

This guy is shameless.

190 days ago


I am a strong believer in Karma Its Just a Matter of time AND ITS COMING .... He will always be loookin over his shoulder for the rest of his misserable life as casey Killer Anthony does

189 days ago


Is he twelve in that picture?

189 days ago


Fails to kill anyone? Well, naturally, a gun show is the safest place to be and there are no black thugs trying to jump someone... I can guarantee you that.

189 days ago
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