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Justin Bieber

Videotaped Deposition

Like You've Never Seen Him ... And It's Bad

3/10/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber can be insulting, arrogant, snotty, ignorant and disrespectful ... and all in one sitting -- because that's exactly what he was like during his deposition last week in the lawsuit where his bodyguard allegedly beat up a photog.

TMZ obtained a copy of the entire 4 1/2 hour, videotaped depo ... and it's just unreal.  We've boiled it down to what we think are the best 4 clips.

1.  ARROGANT BIEBER -- He just can't hide his contempt for the photog's lawyer, and it comes out in pretty awful ways.  We put some snippets together and you'll get the idea.  It represents his attitude throughout the depo.

2.  LOVESICK BIEBER -- Selena Gomez is clearly a hot button, because when the lawyer asks about her, everyone goes nuclear.  Bieber eventually rips his mic off and he and his lawyer storm out.

3.  CONTENTIOUS BIEBER -- He compares his interrogation to being grilled by Katie Couric or "60 Minutes."  Simply hilarious.

4.  DISRESPECTFUL BIEBER -- When asked if Usher discovered him, Bieber disses his mentor and says he was actually discovered on YouTube.  The best part ... he clearly was trying to say he himself was instrumental in his success, but instead he says, "I was detrimental to my own career."
Truer words have never been spoken.





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God, he's so annoying. I feel bad for the lawyer, he must have felt so disrespected.

171 days ago


You all think he's a bad person but be is so far from that. He is a young man who's been in the public for so long that he's over it. The person is harassing him, and you can tell that Justin is tired of it. Let him be happy TMZ and go grab lives you low life idiots. He's with Selena now and you need to leave him alone. He is has been through far too much to get another pile of hate. To the parents out there, you need to understand that there is more to him then this. He is a human being and he's tired of it. He's so so tired. He just needs time. He truly is a great person and TMZ is so wrong for posting this. You don't know him, so stop calling him things that aren't true. He has worked so hard to get to where he is, what's he get for it? Paparazzi, haters, people like TMZ. He's so young and I care for him a lot. We just want him to be happy and these people were annoying him and they were crossing a line.

171 days ago

Macc 6400    

Justin certainly knows how to put a show on for the camera. That's all this was -- a show for the camera. Sure, to adults he looks like a arrogant little jerk, but to the little girls out there he looks really cool. That's what the "bad boy rebel" thing does for kids nowadays.

171 days ago


Guys, please listen. Despite his bad attitude in this video, please don't judge him from it. He is such an amazing guy, please don't judge him. You need to look at the good things he has done, not the bad. The good defiantly outweighs the good. There are so many people that believe Justin saved their lives. He isn't a spoilt brat at all, he's just over it. He isn't a bad person. He's jus always in the publics eye, and he needs to be left alone. Two people sit out his house for twenty-four hours. He's simply over it. TMZ, can you do something better with your lives? Parents think he's horrible but they don't go any further, only what they hear. I am so disappointed with the stupidity of people these days. He really doesn't deserve this. He is such a good person...

171 days ago


Forget this deposition and put that 20 year old ignorant punk on the witness stand in front of a judge. He has no respect for people, including his own lawyer because he's too busy making love to the camera. Bieber is a freak to the U.S. and Canada. Send him to the drug cartels in Mexico.

171 days ago


You all are a pack of idiots. This is what you pathetic adults do? Sit on a dumb website made to ruin celebrities lives and hate on a 20 year old boy! You all are so pathetic, especially the adults. This is not what we should be worrying about. So much stupidity from every single person on this site, especially TMZ. Leave the boy alone and you idiots find something better to do with your lives. This is disgusting.

171 days ago


the music industry developed his douchiness

171 days ago


I am not going to click on your dumb videos. I am sure in a 4.5 hour video of anyone on the planet you could get snippets out to make you look the point you are trying to make. What happened to TMZ? Sucking.

171 days ago


Damn wtf are they doing to this guy? It is like they are making it their mission to destroy him now. His body guard messed up but how is that is fault? Everyone is demonizing Bieber and making him out to be this terrible person but when they were 19 they did a lot of the same stuff he does. Just because he is popular it is almost as if he is this puppet on a string for everyone to talk down on. I see comments saying things like his career is over lol. How is it over? Is his career over because he doesn't act or talk the way you expect him to? People who say those kind of things don't understand why we choose to write songs. He is a self made guy who got his music out there on youtube and I respect that as an artist myself. If Usher liked his stuff does that mean he made him? No it does not it was simply a foot in the door. I feel bad for Justin Bieber and I am not even a fan I just think it is messed up what everyone is doing to him. I would act out too if I was in his shoes. I think the best thing Bieber can do is say the hell with everyone and self produce his next album. Just cut these people out of his life since he has already established a loyal group of fans. I watched the music video for Korn's spike in my veins and it describes what the media is doing to Justin Bieber perfectly. Then I look back on some of the things I said about him myself and I feel bad. It is mind control they are teaching us all to hate each other. What would they do if everybody started praising Justin Bieber? There would be no money to be made in that. They want you to be stupid and hateful so take the bait if you want but you are putting out this negative energy that is toxic to everybody. I think we need to start looking at how we treat celebrities a bit differently. Don't worship them they are people just like us. People make mistakes that is a part of life. I don't like his music at all but in this case the media is wrong.

171 days ago


His mother must be so proud.

171 days ago


Well, I guess you can't blame him. I mean, if he cooperates he'll implicate himself and lose a lot of money.

171 days ago


A master post of all the GOOD things Justin Bieber has done I made this simply because people seem to believe (based on what the media feeds them) that Justin is a crazy, out of control teenager who does nothing but get into trouble. But people never hear of all the good things he has done, therefor don’t know what a genuinely good person he is. He often visits children from the Make A Wish foundation, which dedicates to making the dreams of children battling life threatening diseases come true Many of these visits he has asked to make without cameras to make it more special for the kids He is involved and/or supports many charities such as Pencils of Promise, Make A Wish, Boys and Girls Club of America, Project Medishare for Haiti, City of Hope, Musicians on Call, and the Grammy Foundation (read more about this here) He started the Believe Charity Drive which raises money from all of his album sales (which are a lot) to give to each of these charities In total that is $119,2004 for charity (x) He visited victims from the Tsunami in Japan and invited them to his show to give them a break from all the disaster (video) On his 17th and 18th birthday Justin asked his fans to help bring clean water to those in need by donating to Charity Water He donates $1 from each ticket he sells from his shows to Pencils of Promise He donates a portion of all his fragrance sales to charity He donated a portion of his Christmas Album Under the Mistletoe to charity. This album later became #1 in the US with 1,245,000 copies sold. But that’s just in the US He supports WETOPIA, a game on Facebook that helps donate clean water, meals, and other things to people in need just by playing (learn more here) He visited a needy school in Las Vegas which is a school that supports homeless children or children on the verge of being homeless. Justin donated $100,000 to the school for supplies and food plus and additional $100,000 in toys for the kids. To top it all off, in December he went to the school to do an acoustic performance of his #1 album, Under the Mistletoe ( watch the videos here and here) When he cut his hair wich came to a shock to his fans and the media, he auctioned a lock of his hair on eBay for charity. His hair sold for $40,668. (watch video here) He recently joined the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign Justin donated portions of his single Turn To You, a dedication to his mom on Mother’s Day, to Save Bethesda Centre for pregnant teens He donated $10,000 to a food bank in Canada He visited a 7 year old cancer patient who is also a huge fan of his, and made her entire day by singing to her He auctioned his motorcycle off to give money to the Rob Dyrdek Foundation (x) In 2011, he flew out to meet one of his biggest fans, Avalanna Routh who was suffering from a rare brain cancer. In the hospital she was in, she was known as ‘Mrs. Bieber”. After the first meeting, Justin became attached to this little girl and he later flew her out to meet him several times and even made her his ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ in one of his concert. Justin did whatever he could to make this little girl happy until she unfortunately passed away in 2013. (watch a video of Justin and Avalanna here) Apart from all the charity work, Justin also does anything he can to make his fans happy. This includes following his fans on twitter, DMing them, tweeting them, putting out silly pictures and videos for them, and simply interacting with them. At a recent concert in Iowa, Justin went out of his way to give three fans tickets when didn’t have tickets to his show, chatted with them a bit, bought all three of them McDonalds, and later tweeted and followed him after the show. At one of his concerts, fans tried to sneak into his meet and greet and, upon hearing this, Justin told security to let them in even if it meant running late for his show. On the day of his 18th birthday, he stayed in the studio all day to finish his album Believe for his fans Justin is actually not a bad person. He is probably one of the kindest, most charitable celebrities out there. The media likes to break him down based on false and absurd rumors so don’t believe everything they tell you. UPDATE He went to Guatemala and hands on built a school for children in need with the money from his concert tickets He gave a kid with no shoes the shoes off his feet Later he made a video expressing his gratitude for being able to help out and make a difference and bring smiles to children’s faces. (VIDEO) He went out to meet a fan who got into a car accident on her way to his concert and gave her a private show. (VIDEO) He raised over 3 million dollars for the damages in the Philippines and went out to perform or them (VIDEO) He was awarded a star on the Philippine Walk

171 days ago

Yu Lee    

The article is misleading and extremely fraudulent, The twisted logic is because Justin is arrogant and disrespectful here therefore he's always like that !!! Don't let the truth get in the way, this is the first time Justin has been in this unusual mood, his regular demeanour is of course humility, love and friendliness, don't be fooled by the media!

171 days ago



171 days ago


What is he charged with again, if the average person was charged with the same thing it would have been over by now. Its eithrr a stunt for his new image or people are doing to much because he is rich either way its stupid

171 days ago
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