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Justin Bieber

I Take Xanax Illegally

3/10/2014 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber jumped the gun in his deposition Friday ... and in the process admitted he was taking
Rx meds illegally.

As you know, Justin is being sued by a photog who claims the singer instructed his bodyguard to beat him up.

During the questioning, the photog's lawyer asked Bieber if he had a prescription for Xanax.  Before Justin's lawyer could object, the singer blurted out that he did not.

Justin's lawyer was clearly upset and told Bieber to hold his horses before answering.

It's a significant question ... because during Justin's DUI arrest cops say he admitted his mom had given him Xanax, and he tested positive for Xanax which is the basis for the DUI charge.

It probably won't impact the case.  If Bieber was under the influence it doesn't matter whether he took it legally or not.

But it wasn't the smartest thing for him to say.


No Avatar


So are you saying bieb is a stupid ejit?cos i could get on that train.....

196 days ago


c'mon now, doesn't every millionaire teenage do this? has the best pic of him

196 days ago


He will keep thumbing is nose at legalissues until he is held accountable for his law breaking ways. Even this is just a game to him. Pay off the pap and end it already.

196 days ago


Ugh, problem child on dope. He's talented and has some mighty fine tunes on his Believe album but his arrogance makes me dislike him more every day...

196 days ago

Shaken not stirred    

Wow. What an awesome mother, contributing to his downward spiral. Whatever will she do when when the gravy train crashes...

196 days ago


Im from the uk so not aware of the law in the us but can this tape be used as evidencein his other cases???

196 days ago


I have had enough of TMZ. Jesus christ. Let him be who he is. If hes making mistakes so what hes a freaking human. Stop brownosing him and leave him be. You guys make money bc you talk sh** on justin and try to make him look bad but ypu guys are really gonna get it when his beliebers start nippin at your asses bc you keep messing with him. You people are low lifes and if youre so interested in what hes doing you might as well call yourself a fan but dont you DARE call yourselves beliebers bc you are worthless and nobody needs you. Thats why you work at this sh**ty job and make rumors about people you dont know. Its okay tho. Bc youre gonna get it. Im just waiting on his beliebers to retalliate. And i cant wait until TMZ is shut down. Im FINISHED with you people. PLEASE ... If you have a probolem CONTACT ME. Its not like you have anything better to do. Maybe thats why you are a part of this bullsh** you call a job bc NOBODY cares about you. Thanks!

196 days ago


wasn't the smartest thing to say? nothing this kid says is smart. he's such an ass, even to his lawyer. I'll be laughing when he gets real punishment. Maybe not for this, but he'll eventually self-destruct. his ego is too big not too. or he'll be dead soon. either way, he's headed for a big faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll.

196 days ago


cant wait till he chockes on his own vomit

196 days ago


Bad mouth him all you want but remember, he's banging his life is way better than yours.

196 days ago


If anything xanax calms you down, doesn't make you aggressive at all....

196 days ago


What kind of mother would give Xanax to a 20 year old kid?

196 days ago


I don't understand why he's acting tough. Justin you are not tough or made for the streets. Acting the way your acting is going to get you behind bars or the morgue.

195 days ago


He looks like he's on that narcotic.What a shame. He clearly has a lot of growing up to do. Money and fame have a tight hold on him and he obviously can't cope!!

195 days ago


So bust his little gay Canadian ass for it.

195 days ago
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