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Justin Bieber

Horrible Display for Deposition

3/10/2014 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


We broke the story ... video of Justin Bieber's deposition in a paparazzi beating case -- and he puts on one helluva show. Arrogant, attacking, defensive, and vulgar. The attorney was definitely baiting him at times, but how bad does this make Justin look?

Plus, it's HUGE ... Johnny Carson's sex tape! Why would the late night king ever shoot the movie ... and, more importantly -- would you watch if it ever went public?

And, "Big Brother" contestant Gina Marie joins us to explain why she thinks she's been forgiven for her racist tirades on the show.



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Bieber ... dude ..... are you so far gone that you can't see what a mess you've made of yourself? GO HOME TO CANADA. Get an education. Lay off the drugs. Do something good with the money and the life you have. Be a positive influence in the world, instead of the drag on humanity that you clearly are at this point. Grow up.

229 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

So now Raquel is not only the Ghetto expert, but the sex video connoisseur at TMZ along with Fat Mike

229 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

If Raquel has forgiven VaGinna Marie then the whole of the Black community must acquit.

229 days ago


I can't stand Beiber like most people, but the Lawyer was also being really inappropriate and anybody with a lick of sense would have refused to entertain his antics. If the prosecutor wants to ask celebrities irrelevant gossipy questions he should be working for TMZ.

If Bieber were older and less hot headed, he probably would have handled it better, but I just see fail all over the place in these videos.

228 days ago


So this is why I did 25 years of the US Army protecting the rights and freedom of all AMERICANS, so wanna be PUNKS like Bieber a Canadian can come into our great country and mock our legal system like he is better and the rules and laws don't apply to his punk ass. I would say be a real man and join the armed service but he would not make it because it is real not fake like this disrespectful ass.

227 days ago


And it's all fake. This kid will never ever do any time for acting like a wigger.

227 days ago


That he isnt embarrassed by his own actions makes him look stupid too. He tries to act tough, then another minute he tries to talk black, he is such a wannabe, and and genuine prix. I hope he get jail, but at this point I doubt even that would straighten him out. I think less of that girl for hanging out with him again too.

227 days ago

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