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Umbrella Wielding Man vs. Taser


3/11/2014 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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A random guy wielding a giant deck umbrella ... in a standoff with 2 Santa Monica police officers ... armed with tasers -- who do you think comes out on top?

Yeah ... tasers are pretty much undefeated.

It appears the cops tried to talk it out with him, but when he kept swinging the umbrella like a weapon ... the taser came out and dude went down like a sack of wet cement.

Police say the man had just been kicked out of Starbucks for annoying customers -- and when they arrived he was making suicidal threats.

We're told the man was placed on a 5150 hold and taken to a hospital for mental evaluation.

Our newsroom's divided -- did the cops use excessive force ... or merely take him down safely?

So, we gotta ask ...  


No Avatar


That's how you take down a mother****er mclovin! Ahhaha--far from excessive force if anyone voted yes, you should feel stupid.

195 days ago


what cowards against a harmless man.
look how they torture him after he is knockout.
pathetic police

195 days ago


One of the drawbacks of the tazor is the perp when hit falls straight down like a tree . Their legs lock up and down they go. They are incapacitated long enough for the cops to get the cuffs on them. The cops try to have someone close enough to catch them when they fall but sometimes they can't get close enough in time. I'd rather the bad guy that wants to hurt or kill people go down hard so that he can't get back up.

195 days ago


It's amazing how white people treat their own kind because if that was a negro they would've shot him dead with in seconds..

195 days ago


this is why officers carry tasers. this man was out of control 20 years ago police would of used their guns, now with tasers and stun bags available to use in siyuations like these even though some dont hink so a cop didnt have to use deadly force and have this on his mind the rest of his life.

195 days ago


But did the officer need to kneel on his head?

195 days ago


Unknowing how long they had been there and trying to diffuse the situation or if they gave him any pre-warning. You cant make a good call w/o this info.

195 days ago


Wow, more than a bit of cray cray going on there. I have no problem with them using the taser. Better safe than sorry.

195 days ago


No pity for him. If he wants to threaten police and disturbed citizens all while being suicidal he deserves what he gets. He wasn't hurt. no big deal.

195 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

People have died as both direct and indirect use of Tazers.

If these cops were too weak, scared, incompetent to take down a skinny geezer like this one, they should be kicked off the force.

Stupid lazy pigs.

195 days ago


Hows it even a question whether its excessive. Two cops vs. one , probabily drunk skinny guy? If they cannot handle him they shouldnt be cops.

195 days ago


the problem with tasers is that people lose muscle control and don't protect themselves properly when they fall. lots of people get their heads cracked on the sidewalk, which can be excessive

195 days ago


So whos famous here

195 days ago


So what has this got to to do with Celebs?

195 days ago

the truth    

there's the GREAT reality show...22 minutes of people getting Tasered

195 days ago
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