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Umbrella Wielding Man vs. Taser


3/11/2014 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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A random guy wielding a giant deck umbrella ... in a standoff with 2 Santa Monica police officers ... armed with tasers -- who do you think comes out on top?

Yeah ... tasers are pretty much undefeated.

It appears the cops tried to talk it out with him, but when he kept swinging the umbrella like a weapon ... the taser came out and dude went down like a sack of wet cement.

Police say the man had just been kicked out of Starbucks for annoying customers -- and when they arrived he was making suicidal threats.

We're told the man was placed on a 5150 hold and taken to a hospital for mental evaluation.

Our newsroom's divided -- did the cops use excessive force ... or merely take him down safely?

So, we gotta ask ...  


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Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!

234 days ago


Cops have never come to help me but if that looney pulled that crap on me I would have given him some juice too.

234 days ago


Harvey Man, Love you bud, but gotta go against you on this for a few reasons.

One of the other fun things in Florida, is our Cops are 'ZAP HAPPY' and more than a few people have died from Tasers.

They are NOT, in any way, shape or form NON LETHAL weapons and I feel you should issue a correction of you saying that they were.

There is a long list of criteria for people that TASERs are NOT to be used on, standards agreed to by national LEO agencies. Kids and elderly are supposed to be on that no zap list, but FDLE lets cops get away with it every day.

When someone dies, they immediately say he must have had drugs in his system. If they KNEW he had drugs in his system, then they are complicit in the death as they KNOW they aren't to be zapping people on drugs.

The cops here had no reason to use this level of force, for what the man was doing. They didn't check to see if he was on real meds or had a heart issue or maybe was on a sugar shock. Where was the threat?

Was truly shocked to hear you come down so strongly on it, but I found that footage chilling and all too familiar for here in Florida. Will you guys follow up and make sure that man survived his 'experience' with your 'finest'?

All I know is these things DO KILL, and cops down here use them in place of breaking a sweat and it is wrong. You promoting these weapons as NON lethal only adds to that misperception of non lethality.

Deaf people zapped who didn't hear the cops, old people zapped, the people on the far right seem to enjoy the pain inflicted on these people, but when it winds up being THEIR Mom, then they realize what we are screaming about.

If cops were tasing students back in the 60's they might have been able to shut it all down. Back then, 4 deaths meant something. Now 4 a day could die from TASERs and no one would even care.

They'd say they deserved it, like you did.

Love you Harvey. Do the right thing here and walk this one back. Is wrong and you should know better, with all due respect. Hate to see you being on the wrong side of a civil rights issue like this.

234 days ago


Funny how when whitey gets tased, the cops are out of control, but when it's a minority, the cops are justified. (Goes back to watching MSNBC)

234 days ago


Cops need SKILL. This is stupidity.

233 days ago


Ban oversized or golf umbrellas from crowded city streets! Sign our petition at

230 days ago



226 days ago
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