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Conrad Murray

I'm Back in the Medical Biz!

3/12/2014 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Conrad Murray now has a chance to improve his success record in treating patients ... because he's back in business.

TMZ has learned the patients this time around will be children with heart problems.  Murray has taken a gig with the Trinidad Ministry of Health, where he'll be consulting with local heart surgeons.

Murray won't get rich off the new job -- he's volunteering his services, but it's definitely a foot in the door.  His medical license has been revoked in Texas and suspended in California and Nevada.

The government wants Murray to use his U.S. contacts to help hook up the sick kids.  

Truth be told ... Murray was a successful cardiologist in the U.S. ... beloved by many of his patients.  Only one blemish on his record ... you know ...


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MD LICENCES GOING CHEAP!! Why or How in hell does this idiot get his md licence back? This is Extremely Scary and now he's got access to use medication on little children! Come On this is Morally Wrong in so many ways. It seems like if you want a medical license no questions asked. WHAT A JOKE AND A COMPLETE FAILURE OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION. PARENTS BE AWARE PLEASE!

189 days ago


Pediatric cardiology is completely different then adult cardiology. If he saying he's a specialist with kids then he's miss informing people.

189 days ago

oh really     

Actually he isnt a stellar doctor , because he abandoned his entire practice of heart patients , in a matter of weeks , for the golden goose, and in the AEG trial it came up , that he actually cut an anesthesiologist out of the picture that MJ wanted by not returning the mans phone call when he proper doctor decided to take MJ on as a patient....He wanted to keep the entire fee, and make sure he , himself stayed in the picture.
We all know the rest , completely neglected,and abandoned his patient , didnt keep proper records , lied to, pharmacist,to get the drugs,lied to every medical professional he met , regarding what he gave MJ and the cir***stances of his death.Lied to police, investigating MJ death..
Still takes no responsibility for his actions.
Then had the audacity to try and make money off the man he is convicted of killing.
Of course he did his time , and has all those children by different women , he know needs to support , and he should, instead of driving expensive cars, like the one he was more concerned about , than MJ...the one he was afraid the police might have damaged , as his pt lay on an autopsy table..
Keep him in Trinidad, but TMZ, dont try to trivialize the crime he was convicted of.

189 days ago


I am sure Murray has learned a valuable lesson in a very hard way. I don't think he will EVER get into that kind of trouble again. Unless he killed MJ on purpose. Then that would be callous and unforgivable.

189 days ago


He was never a successful doctor, he was deeply in debt and became a drug dealer for money

189 days ago



189 days ago


The guy couldn't even perform CPR correctly and now he's treating hearts?!

189 days ago


Mumra the Ever Living wht do u mean by most of the poorest of the poor are desperate for doctors so they take him listen trinidad is my country ppl if u dont knw about trinidad please please do some research about my ****ry we are not desperate for anything, the man came to trindad and is in talks with the minstry of health, nothing is signed where all this talk coming from i hate ppl tht jus jump to talk and again if u want to trash dr murray do tht, leave my country out of tht we are not desperate ok

189 days ago


Conrad Murray is innocent. MJ killed himself because he was a delusional freak who thought he was invisible and untouchable. I'm glad Murray is having the chance to practice. He deserves it. He did time for a crime he didn't commut! You are a hero for helping dispose of that disgusting pedophile!!! Thank you Dr. Murray!!!

189 days ago


A cardiologist who took on Michael Jackson, who didn't have a heart condition. If that doesn't sound some alarms in your heads, I don't know what would.

189 days ago


Great.... Propofol for everyone!

189 days ago


Should he not be in jail for life?
Because of the dangerous, out of control, sick things he did for michael jackson.
What doctor in their right mind goes along with a patients wishes and keeps a guy dangerously sedated night after night, teaches the guy to do it himself, the guy dies, and the doctor walks.....
How EXACTLY did he get to walk?
No matter who he killed, he KILLED someone. And he walks.

189 days ago


I wouldn't go to that man for a hangnail.
Good luck Trinidadians.

189 days ago


Mumra the Ever Living chick stop believing everything u read in the papers i am a trinidadian and i hate when ppl talk about countries when they dont even knw one ****, have u ever been here, hell no do u even knw where trinidad is girl look come to trinidad and say wht u are saying stupid ass trash

189 days ago


Yeah, that a Trinidadian site. How many of that 20% of the population have the Internet to refute your comment?

o my word y are u suck a f@@@@@g idiot i done i ent even bothering with u again u keep talking i jus hope tht one day u dont have a heart problem or any of your family and the man tht could save u is dr murray u go with god child

189 days ago
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