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George Zimmerman Parents

Suing Roseanne Barr

She Tried To Get Us Lynched

3/12/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Roseanne Barr
tried to rouse a lynch mob to terrorize George Zimmerman's parents ... because she wanted vigilante justice after the shooting of Trayvon Martin ... according to a new lawsuit.

Robert and Gladys Zimmerman are suing the comedienne ... claiming they feared for their lives after Barr made angry comments about the Zimmermans on Twitter in 2012 ... and even posted their home address online.

The lawsuit claims Barr intentionally tried to cause the Zimmermans emotional distress and great physical harm, by inciting mob violence.

The Zimmermans claim they were forced to flee their home after Barr tweeted their address. They're suing her for $15K in damages ... minimum.


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Everyone made violent comments on twitter.

228 days ago


Um...of all the threats THIS is the one they were concerned about? I'm sure all those people and threats came from rosannes tweet alone...not fr the millions of other threats and tweets...idiots.

228 days ago


Hope they get the 15k and 1m for stress and expenses.

228 days ago


hey zimmerman's the rest of us fear for our lives with that gem of a son you have on the loose!

228 days ago


That's what you get when you don't have 'FACTS'
And are an absolute MORON.

Barr needs to 'Pay Up' and so does that Fugly, racist punk, Spike Lee.

228 days ago


The fact that she tweeted their home address, regardless of whatever else has happened, is justification for them to win their lawsuit. I hope the jury awards them the 15k plus 1 million in additional damages. She needs to use her brain.

228 days ago


Where's Rev Al Sharpton and Rev Jesse Jackson? Oh that's right, they got their money from this ordeal so it's time to move on to the next big payday.

228 days ago


It's not like Roseanne waved a magic wand and presto she has their address. It can be found by public records. I think the law suit is a load of crap!

228 days ago


They should sue her for all the money she has made.

228 days ago


Her actions like Spike Lee's were below the belt and inciting violence on the family! You don't do that, and it already hurt her with many fans shunning her, now she needs to face damages caused by her stupidity from Z's parents. celebrities need to be careful when their use their publicity and fame to cause trouble. They start trouble they will get trouble. Celebrities need to know they reap what they sow like the rest of us, yet they expect VIP treatment and special rights always! I'm sick of most celebrities attitudes and I rarely watch TV and films because of it.

228 days ago


the Zimmerman's are BROKE and trying to get a dime or attention from anyone they can!! It's 2014 and they are suing for something in 2012!!! Have a seat !!!! They're son is a murderer who maybe free literally , but I can bet my life his freedom far from the freedom he felt before he committed this crime!!!

228 days ago


The mother is Mexican?! Then why did they keep saying a white man killed a black child on the news?.. is it because the media thinks black people are stupid and easy to control and manipulate? Because apparently black people only care if a black person is killed by a white person and not if a black person is killed by any other race? I find it interesting how black people are acting as if this was a kkk type killing and not a random Mexican guy with a Napoleon complex killing a random black kid.

228 days ago


Everyone knows Barre is not right in the head. The more I hear from her, the more nutty she sounds. This story does not surprise me in the least.

228 days ago

Suzy Q     

Get a clue people. The Old Zimmermans are part of a family of grifters. Newspaper accounts show they left their home to go into "hiding" weeks before Rosanne tweeted their address. And homeowners and addresses are public information.

So far, to get money, they put up a donation web site, wrote a racist ebook, sued spike lee twice (the first time they didn't ask for enough money, they said) and now their suing Rosanne Barr.

Why don't they sue their son? He's the one that got them into this in the first place.

228 days ago


This is B.S.. They want fame and money for their son being a COLD BLOOD KILLER.

227 days ago
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