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'Basketball Wives' Star

Pregnant Women Should KILL Temperamental Cats

3/12/2014 6:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Basketball Wives" star Jackie Christie thinks pregnant women with ornery cats should kill the kitties by hanging, choking or other means if necessary.

It's pretty shocking ... our photog asked Jackie (in the dark blouse) and her friend, Sundy Carter (who appeared in "Bringing Down the House" and "Soul Plane") about what a pregnant woman should do with a temperamental cat.

Both women have no mercy for fearless felines.  In fact, Jackie actually thinks cats can suck the soul out of babies and even kill them.

You gotta see this.

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A bit harsh ya idiot. Has she never heard of a shelter where they can be adopted out? She has no class. Dumb biotch

202 days ago

Wow ...    

Wow, way to show ignorance. Spout off what other cultures believe, even saying it's a myth, but then states but it's true. Ladies, please educate yourselves. You look ignorant, not to mention violent and willing to be cruel to animals because of a myth! Hopefully, it was a joke, but many people will not take it as such.

202 days ago


Forced hysterectomy on her sounds like a better option.

202 days ago

Teresa andrews    

This is an old wive's tale, and it isn't related to race. When I was pregnant, two of my relatives begged me to get rid of my cat, because they were afraid the cat would kill the baby. I kept the cat, and the baby is now 28 years old and doing fine.

202 days ago


I for one HATE cats. But I have to say the hatred came from watching "Tales from the Darkside" the movie when I was a kid. When the cat eats the people alive at midnight, that sh|+ scarred me for LIFE!

202 days ago


I really like that so many folks here are kind to kitties. They make great friends and deserve love and respect too. I was an ignorant "cat disliker" not "hater" because my ignorant POS father taught me that cats were bad. I grew up and became educated and left a whole lot of early childhood teachings behind. Including racism and cat-hating, to name a few. I now have adopted cats that needed homes, and couldn't be happier with them- This bitch is a sick POS. Ignorant.

202 days ago


degenerates ...trash at its worst

202 days ago

Monique cat Robinson    

Kill a cat you have a mental problem

202 days ago


Check snopes, this cat smothering kids for their milk is nothing but fake.

202 days ago


The only danger with cats in the home and pregnant women and babies I have ever heard of is called Toxoplasmosis. This of course can occur in many other instances and forms as well, but in a home with cats the cats can get feces under their nails while in the liter box. The feces are then tracked throughout the home, and can be picked up by anyone and accidentally ingested.

This can cause death in not only infants, small children and even adults, but is also very dangerous for the fetus if ingested by a pregnant woman.

This is the only reason I have ever heard of for doctors to recommend a pregnant woman get rid of a cat, or keep the liter box extremely clean if nothing else.

202 days ago


You know who kills small animals? Psychopaths and serial killers.

202 days ago


She makes me not want to watch the show anymore.. She really is a horrible person, inside & out!!

202 days ago


As an animal lover and animal rights advocate, I find their comments abhorrent! They are advocating animal abuse! Please dont give idiots like these a platform to spout their ignorance! If you cant keep an animal, try to find it a new home or put it in a no kill shelter! Idiots!

202 days ago

There's a problem here    

Between the two of them added together is an IQ of 8. The one in the black looks more masculine than a cheap tranny.

202 days ago


People like this shouldn't breed!

202 days ago
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