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'Basketball Wives' Star

Pregnant Women Should KILL Temperamental Cats

3/12/2014 6:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Basketball Wives" star Jackie Christie thinks pregnant women with ornery cats should kill the kitties by hanging, choking or other means if necessary.

It's pretty shocking ... our photog asked Jackie (in the dark blouse) and her friend, Sundy Carter (who appeared in "Bringing Down the House" and "Soul Plane") about what a pregnant woman should do with a temperamental cat.

Both women have no mercy for fearless felines.  In fact, Jackie actually thinks cats can suck the soul out of babies and even kill them.

You gotta see this.

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These two evil maggots need to be fired. Anybody who promotes killing any animal does not deserve the honor of being paid for appearing on a TV show . FIRE BOTH OF THEM !!!! I WILL NEVER WATCH either rotten souls again.

228 days ago


And therein lies the problem with buying into old wives tales and not actually learning about animals for yourself.

The myth about cats stealing souls came from the fact that a cat will lean close to a human's nose. What they are *actually* doing is seeing if the human is breathing.

227 days ago


OMG....the SHEER IGNORANCE shown by these two individuals (I refuse to use the word Human!!) is absolutely maddening!!!
To believe such outrageously antiquated myths....and these women call themselves EDUCATED????
PLEASE GOD, tell me they don't have ANT PETS?!?!?!?

227 days ago


She can F off.....

227 days ago



227 days ago


Yeah, your fellow humans (specially babies and kids) are a little more important than playing house with cats and dogs. This generation of entitled socialist boneheads need to get a grip on reality and stop depending on animals and the internet for 'human' companionship. But that would require this generation developing some reasonable self esteem and real time social skills, lol. Basement dwellers :( jobless at 26 playing house on Facebook and Twitter all day.

227 days ago


I would like to hang those two ignorant bitches. Cats Do NOT suck the air from a baby's mouth or drink the milk either. More babies and children are injured or killed by DOGS. I don't care if they were "kidding" just by saying it they are promoting violence against innocent animals. It's a good thing they are no where near me ...cause I would beat the Hell out of both of those stupid idiots!!!

227 days ago


Eww dumb ghetto fat cow. We all know black ghetto bitches dont like animals. Fat pig. Kittens are worth more than your fat ghetto ass

227 days ago


Dumb bitches are just giving their dumb ghetto followers ideas. I would save a kiiten over these two monkey ratchet hogs

227 days ago


I would love to sic my 2 Ocicats on these fools. Five minutes is all they need to make these bleed!

227 days ago


This shows just how bright they are. I knew her husband, Doug, was stupid for marrying her and then for going to Korea with Dennis Rodman. Jackie tries so hard to be young but fails because she is flabby with four rings around her neck. Sunday just isn't worthy of a comment. Jackie will say or do anything to get a comment.why is she on tv anyway? I no longer watch Basketball Wives.

227 days ago


Hopefully someone will hang both their asses!!!

227 days ago

miss b    

I love cats because I love my home, and little by little they become its visible soul.

~ Jean Cocteau~


"Thousands of years ago,cats were worshiped as Gods.
Cats have never forgotten this"

~ Mark Twain~

227 days ago

Ricardo Marquez    

Too bad Black mothers don't feel the same way when their kids are growing up as criminals. drown those lil bastards before they kill someone

227 days ago


Oh great, another idiot with no claim to fame on her 'soap box'.

Ya know, if you don't want the cat, don't have the time for it, or just plan to be outright CRUEL to it (ie: kill it when you become pregnant), take your own life instead. Spare the human race the disgust that is your presence. Let someone ELSE breathe the oxygen you pollute... Oh, that's right.. It's all about ME in this generation of greed and selfishness!

227 days ago
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