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Judge Judy

You Have 'Stupid' On Your Forehead ... Stupid

3/12/2014 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Judge Judy
has filed her first lawsuit EVER -- seriously -- against a guy who is shamelessly using her image to chase personal injury clients.

The TV jurist is outraged John Haymond -- a P.I. lawyer in Hartford, CT. -- used clips from "Judge Judy" along with clips of him and his daughters to drum up business.

Judy is especially pissed because she says she's never endorsed a product or the services of anyone ... to maintain her independent reputation.

She says, "Without seeking my authorization or consent, Mr. Haymond has taken that choice away from me for his own personal gain.  I cannot tolerate that, and intend to hold Mr. Haymond financially responsible for his actions."

Judy scolds the barrister, saying, "Mr. Haymond is a lawyer and should know better."

We looked for the ads and, just like the litigants who appear on her show, it appears Judy scared the crap out of Haymond because they are nowhere to be found.

Herhonner is suing for more than $75K in damages ... or in Judy's world, lunch money.



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THE COURAGE: This “over-learned” judge will have to prove damage(s) to prevail.

168 days ago


All you Judge Judy haters really make me laugh. I get upset with her from time to time -- but on the whole -- she's right. She exposes so many of he litagents for the abuse of our government programs, etc. I know I would ne ver want to appear in front of her unless I had a totally valid case.

168 days ago


why would ANYONE with anat kind of normal activity in their brain even Listen to a JERK, BITCH, WITCH so demeaning, hateful, evil, nasty degrading person such as Judy anyway. She , Limbaugh, and and that matter most of the GOP are all full of evil, nasty mean-spirited, war mongering, hate-mongering devils. Show your ignorance and debased your quality of life and watch low class crap like this. Rise above to a level of intelligence and TURN this kind of crap off..starve them out

168 days ago


People who are not impressed by judge judy are not very intelligent. mostly bleeding heart types I assume . All you have to do is listen to appreciate a very very smart lady. She is very kind and sweet when it is warranted and extremely brutal with the dirt bags of the world. Not just a great show but a important one. I learn from her just about every time a watch her. amazing person.

168 days ago


"Herhonner is suing for more than $75K in damages ... " Herhonner? How did that word get by the proofreader? lol.

168 days ago

bring back recent posts    

And this is Thirty Mile Zone gossip, geeeez, this sight is so boring now, sayonara.

168 days ago

John S    

Those kind of lawyers are what we used to call abulance chasers! I have a severe dislike for them, because they use 18 wheelers and cultivate a fear of them. Even the AAA admits that 85% of car truck accidents are the fault of the car. I drove for over 50 years and some of the things I've seen car do would make Riplry's !

168 days ago

Claudia Scott    

She's a power hungry greedy lawyer herself. Can't take the money with her to the grave.

168 days ago

Forever Moorish    

Miss Judy, get a grip, you are a public judge and you are not entitle to anything including others utilizing your name or your court.

Do not forget, you are utilzing others to profit from. So I say you are guilty of stupidity, get it, you are public person and you are making money from public so what if others make money from your public persona. Again you are guilty of society norms.

168 days ago


To Klaus Heisler

A layer is a cake lol!!

168 days ago


Love Judge Judy!!

168 days ago

Forever Moorish    

Judge Judy get a grip, you are profiting from others. So there is no need for you to file a law suit on someone who is clever to make money in association with your public persona. You are a Judge and your are not entitled to privacy including others to use you for profit. If you do not like others to use you for profit remove yourself from the bench period and this goes to all others who hold the position of public judgements on others. Your postision is not private and anyone has the right to use your name and or any other judge name to make money.

168 days ago

Forever Moorish    

It is time for her to retire. She said they do not keep her ther because she is good looking, but she was smart.

May be she does not know the meaning of smart. Smart people are associated with cutting corners and or may be thiefs. I think she does not know the meaning of public persona if she is suing another smart person. Pleas send her to retirement grave, she is old period, and when old people with position as her start doing dumb thing they need to check into nice hotel forever.

168 days ago


would love to see someone take a crowbar to that self righteous arrogant acid tongue skank!!

168 days ago


The Ol' Bat should be extremely happy that someone thought that much of her to use her as marketing gimmick.

168 days ago
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