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'When Harry Met Sally' Deli

Sues To Stop Knock-Off Orgasms

3/12/2014 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The NYC Deli where Meg Ryan faked an orgasm is coming after an impostor in court ... claiming it's the only deli that can trade on phantom gratification.

Katz's Deli -- one of the most famous in New York -- claims Katz & Dogz -- a food truck that touts its Reuben Orgasm -- is jacking its act by creating an orgasmic theme.

Katz claims in its lawsuit ... it's become an icon of NYC as a result of "When Harry Met Sally."  In fact, the lawsuit touts that customers line up to sit at the Sally table to fake their own ... which probably makes lunch really annoying.

They even make groaners in laying claim to the franchise.  There's a placard on the table that says, "Where Harry met Sally ... Hope you have what she had!"

So Katz is indignant that a cheap, 4-wheeled imitation is trading on its name and rich history.

Katz wants the food truck permanently garaged.  They also want all the money from those delicious -- though undoubtedly greasy -- Reuben Orgasms.



No Avatar

*_* JUST A FRIEND *_*    

Both parties are guilty of subliminal-advertising...Let the food speak for itself...Kat'z Deli shouldn't be afraid of a little competition, if they truly believe they make better food.!!! TESTIFY !!!

223 days ago


Katz deli has milked the fact they filmed there since it was released,oh come sit where she faked it?people line up for this!!going after Katz & Dogs they are barking up the wrong tree!

223 days ago

BB not bb    

You know that deli didn't produce the movie so how can they lay claim to references to it? I think they are being greedy. I don't think this little hot dog truck is going to steal their business. They have plenty of business already. Maybe they should do the classy thing and let it go, but it is kind of not classy to be fighting over who gets to sell orgasms anyway.

223 days ago


Katz's Deli will lose. You can't patent the word - and they are making zero references to Katz's Deli or When Harry Met Sally.
On the other hand, the food truck owner may not want to risk the cost of litigation & give in. He shouldn't.

223 days ago

liberal racist    

katz has to have some kind of trademark. why do jews always go after the money.

223 days ago


Typical NYC tactics they will go to court over anything in that cesspool city.

223 days ago


I'll have the Reuben Organism, hold the mayo

223 days ago


and... NO
This is as bad as patent trolls. Sorry, but you don't OWN the word 'orgasm' and you certainly cannot patent the concept, or how it's used.


223 days ago


That's definitely a faked orgasm

223 days ago


As a born and bred New Yorker, and a huge fan of Katz's Deli, I'm with them! This food truck is definitely ripping them off!

223 days ago


what a gross bus. Ctas and dogs and it's showing red meat all over it and then to put a sexual conotation .. sorry explicit sexual act on it. What the hell is wrong with these morons?

223 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Faked orgasm?... You're doing it wrong.

223 days ago


No one is confusing this truck with the Deli. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal were inside at a table. Something not possible with a food truck. The thing this would even be closest to is trademark infringement. But part of what trademark infringement includes is that the offending party has to use something that is identical or confusingly similar to the trademark holder. Since Katz & Dogz is a different enough name, and no one is dumb enough to confuse a food truck for a sit down indoor deli, then I doubt Katz's Deli really has a case here. If this were to actually win, then there should be similar cases for all the Ray's Pizzas in NYC that claim to be the "original."

222 days ago
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