'Naked and Afraid' Contestant Amazon Bugs Are Eating My Vajayjay!

3/13/2014 4:00 AM PDT

Ass-chewing ants ... and vagina-devouring mosquitoes -- just a few of the stars on a brutal new episode of "Naked and Afraid."  

The runaway cable hit kicks off a new season with 2 suckers contestants -- Tyler and A.K. -- literally up to their crotches in the native bugs of the Amazon jungle.

As A.K. puts it ... "Right now they are eating my vajayjay alive!!"

We got this clip from the show that airs Sunday at 9PM on Discovery ...the damage these mosquitoes do to a body is just shocking.

Tyler doesn't have it much better. Watch to see want happens when fire ants set up shop INSIDE your butt crack.