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Playboy Hottie Golfer Teed Up On My Ass And Hurt Me Bad

3/13/2014 6:00 PM PDT
A hot chick is suing Playboy and a golfer for coming up with a cockamamie stunt -- placing a golf tee in her butt and then trying to drive a ball off of it.  It didn't end well.

Liz Dickson claims in her lawsuit she was at an L.A. area golf course back in March, 2012 for a Playboy tournament, when she was instructed to lie on her stomach and pose for a photo with comedian and radio host Kevin Klein.

Dickson says a golf tee was placed between her butt cheeks and a golf ball was balanced on the top of the tee.  Klein then took a whack, but his swing sucked and he whacked her in the ass.

Dickson claims she suffered severe injuries, some of which are permanent.  We're assuming the tee was removed.

She's suing for $500K plus punitive damages. Watch TMZ Sports on FS1 Get the new TMZ Sports app!
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