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Justin Bieber

Are You Banging Selena???

Lawyer Demands Answer

3/14/2014 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber can run, but he can't hide -- the lawyer who deposed him last week wants to force the singer to answer the Selena Gomez questions he rudely dodged last week ... and then have Bieber punished for acting like a self-entitled jackass.

As we reported, Bieber stormed out of his Miami deposition stemming from his photog-beating lawsuit -- after the pap's attorney tried to ask if he's dating Selena. Bieber cut him off, saying, "Don't ask me about her! Do not ask me about her!" and took off.

The lawyer has now filed court docs, insisting he was entitled to ask Bieber about Selena -- because she was present during another alleged photog attack in 2012 ... and what transpired then is relevant to the current case because it shows Bieber has a pattern of aggression toward photogs.

But really, it appears the lawyer wants to establish Bieber and Selena are close -- in the event Selena tries to discredit the photog's case at a later deposition. If Selena and Justin are dating, Selena could be considered a biased witness ... and therefore not credible.

The lawyer wants a judge to force Bieber to answer his Selena questions.

He also wants the judge to fine Bieber for acting like a jerkoff during the deposition -- especially for cussing out the poor innocent court reporter.


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I Love how he wags his finger furiously and then right in the middle he glances at his own hand, like he can't quite understand how it's happening! Lol

226 days ago


i agree with creepy beiber on this , this proceeding is an absolute farce. and should be treated with the contempt so far exhibited.

226 days ago


Why is he forced to answer questions about Selena?? That's harassment seriously. Photog's layer is a A S S H O L E, if he get's the judge involved in this, they can't do that. I'm so happy that in my country the court peoples aren't like that. I just feel bad for Justin. I can't believe that after everything that has happened to him, you guys are still trying to make him unhappy, he never smiles anymore because of you. He's just sad..could you just LEAVE HIM ALONE CAUSE RIGHT NOW ALL OF THE 50.2 MILLION BELIEBERS HATE YOU...ALOT..I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT !!!-.-

225 days ago


They made a mistake she is banging him with a dildo he just loves the ass attention. Gifts accepted ...jar of vasoline.

225 days ago

belieber forever.    

stupid haters hating on a boy whos dream came true and urs didnt... SMHH LEAVE HIM ALONE RETARDED LOW LIFE HATERS. UR NOT ACHIEVING ANYTHING WITH UR STUPID A** HATING.

225 days ago

Champagne Jayne    

Go sell your drugs on a lame website like The View or Wendy Williams to the drug dealer who posted above me and don't post this crap on TMZ again cuz Levin will sue your ass fool.

225 days ago


thats a huuuge stretch.. was he dating someone on an unrelated case 2 years ago?

225 days ago


What a little punk faced brat

225 days ago


This sweetheart kid turned into a getto punk
bu hanging with them

225 days ago

e.christina brassington    

I think that question was obnoxious and unprofessional..... what does banging Selena have to do with anything.......Justin is 100% correct for his reaction..
that is his personal affairs....... Cameramen will do any
thing for a ''headline'' it's all about integrity ''what so ever'' leave the kid alone.....he does
not have one iota of lifes' experience!!!!!!

225 days ago


Selena needs to get a life and get as far, far away as she can. Selena is too good for him!

225 days ago


Who releases depositions to the public? NOBODY and apparently this lawyer did. Doesn't Bieber have any recourse for the public release? I would think so.

225 days ago

Nobody Special    

WELL JB Finally got a taste of the Legal System. Before he never had to deal with Depo's and the like. It sucks because they can basically ask you anything they want and you have to answer.

I have been asked so many personal things in Depo's and it sucks. The thing to remember is a jury is going to be watching this Video and they are the ones you must convince you are sensitive and telling the truth.

After a few times JB will get the hang of it.
It's better to just say, Yes, No, I don't recall./

That's it, no stories, no excuses.

And for you young guys out there, When you get Busted, Don't say anything! Only, "I want my Lawyer".

If the Cops tell you, "Try to help yourself, and maybe we can help you" Don't fall for it. They are not there to help you, and if you talk or Rat you will regret. No matter how upset you are, Don't say anything.

JB, Don't admit to smoking weed etc., that was dumb.

225 days ago


Here what I would do if I was Justin bieber Talk Selena gomez into coming with him with her team of lawyers which is in fact her daddy and mommy. Let them both talk to the lawyer. That case got settle the DA decide not to prosecute. You guys are a bunch of idiot oh and A little warning for TMZ here you are going have to give up you Miami Beach police force source for Roy Black can Deposit him. but that beside the point yeah but on going case the Judge said not case that he been proving innocent on. the lawyer didn't read the find print this Mark Dicowden is a personal injury lawyer not a Civil defense lawyer. That paparazzi doesn't work for Justin bieber. He only to be repsenting people who are suing company for injury on the Job.

225 days ago


how the **** is that relevant to the case ? people are so ****ing disgusting. including you all idiots.

225 days ago
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