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Justin Bieber

Are You Banging Selena???

Lawyer Demands Answer

3/14/2014 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber can run, but he can't hide -- the lawyer who deposed him last week wants to force the singer to answer the Selena Gomez questions he rudely dodged last week ... and then have Bieber punished for acting like a self-entitled jackass.

As we reported, Bieber stormed out of his Miami deposition stemming from his photog-beating lawsuit -- after the pap's attorney tried to ask if he's dating Selena. Bieber cut him off, saying, "Don't ask me about her! Do not ask me about her!" and took off.

The lawyer has now filed court docs, insisting he was entitled to ask Bieber about Selena -- because she was present during another alleged photog attack in 2012 ... and what transpired then is relevant to the current case because it shows Bieber has a pattern of aggression toward photogs.

But really, it appears the lawyer wants to establish Bieber and Selena are close -- in the event Selena tries to discredit the photog's case at a later deposition. If Selena and Justin are dating, Selena could be considered a biased witness ... and therefore not credible.

The lawyer wants a judge to force Bieber to answer his Selena questions.

He also wants the judge to fine Bieber for acting like a jerkoff during the deposition -- especially for cussing out the poor innocent court reporter.


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Someone slap this dumb little kid..

221 days ago


oooh hold up we got a bad ass over here...

221 days ago


I'll slap him. Can I slap him? Oh please let me slap him.

221 days ago


He's not banging anyone, he's getting banged by his rapper friends

221 days ago

Marco Polo    

I'm so tired of this story! And though I think JB is a major douche, the lawyer was asking irrelevant questions just to rile him up. JB knows that and was acting out for the camera. He wants to get a "bad boy" image so he can sell rap records. Damn shame!

221 days ago


No he's banging Her brother.

221 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Oh brother, I sure hope all this legal crap is enough for Beiber to realize it isn't worth it to break laws and hire a better team of security peeps and nix the condescending attitude, he is as high profile as you can get. If he doesn't check his attitude at the door then I guess at this point he deserves what surely will follow living in Atlanta. Live and learn, but when you don't learn that is going too be his downfall. Not too late IMO, cause none of these current cases are going too land him in jail.

221 days ago


Wow... Our Little Girl is a full-grown Mangina now.

221 days ago

Pudding Tang    

He's a real rock star and real rock stars don't answer these types of questions.

221 days ago


What a tool. I wish that the bieber species was extinct.

221 days ago


I think Bieber should be allowed to dump paparazzi into a giant industrial sized meat grinder. 'Dexter' should have been a show targeting paparazzi instead of fellow killers

221 days ago


I heard justin bieber died in a car crash

221 days ago


This kid is toast. He is losing fans on a daily basis and the kids that listen to and buy his dwindling cds will eventually grow up and wonder what they were doing. See ya Bieber. See you on Where Are They Now?

221 days ago

Wow ...    

Yes Judge, fine the kid. Someone needs to let him know he isn't in charge and must obey the rules and laws of America.

221 days ago

Carol L    

The boys needs to learn how to at least ACT respectful of our judicial system. He's becoming too big for those ugly pants he wears. He needs to be punished for his actions while giving his depo!

221 days ago
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