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Lil Boosie

4 Baby Mamas

Pop Out Reality Show

3/14/2014 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lil Boosie's 4 baby mamas have another bun in the oven -- a reality show.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ, Boosie's babes -- Walnita, Tracey, Trivia, and Gerlissa -- have been putting together a pilot episode over the last few months while the rapper's been locked behind bars. Together, they've mothered Boosie's 7 children (aged 4-11).

FYI, Walnita's the baby mama who was arrested back in 2010 for trying to smuggle Boosie drugs in jail.

We're told the reality show will focus on the ladies' unusual friendships that formed as the result of their ... peculiar circumstances. It's unclear if Boosie -- née Torrence Hatch -- will also be participating now that he's free.

According to sources, the producers behind the show are currently shopping it to several networks -- including Oxygen, WE, and Fuse -- but so far, no deal is in place.


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Unbroken Chain    

Ahhh rappers. The very worst of our society. Keep selling these no talent thugs to the youth of America so we can complete the destruction of our country. After all, don't we want all our kids to grow up like this loser?

224 days ago


Seems like they be hating on Gee… but truth be told Gelisa Hayes is the best looking out of all the baby mamas!!! Ijs.. Walnita or Nita or whatever the **** she call herself sounds illiterate as hell when she talk and Tracey needs to retire that ugly ass lacefront wig. Trivia seems to be cool lil chick the.. She was talking with some since. Oh and Lyric Bey and Pretty Black are two gorgeous little girls

224 days ago


Yall doin all this talk for what? You dont have to watch the show. Damn! Who the hell are yall to judge, everybody have flaws && I salute these for ladies for sticking together and raisin their kids. For lil boosie ****ttt you better not stumble &&keep his ass out of prison... && I thank ya !!!!

224 days ago

Joey Bee    

So we live in a world where being a baby mama of a former prison inmate is celebrated? #RATCHET

224 days ago


First it was shawty lo with his 11 baby mamas and now its boosie and his.... Hot a** mess smh more rachetness on tv -_-

224 days ago


?? Really????? The dumbing down of America includes reality shows. Rather it's Honey Boo Boo or this crap.

224 days ago


If boosie aint in it who cares

224 days ago


Walnita and Trivia? Who the hell named them? I'd love to know what they named their children. They should be really proud! Strong black women? I don't think so.

224 days ago


Dumbass hos trying to cash in on their bad decisions.

224 days ago


Total stereotype of current situations - baby mamas, rappers , see this all the time

224 days ago


As a woman, this is a disgrace to all women. Please stop these nonsense reality trash shows, encouraging more ignorance and more hoes wanting success from having a baby from a crackhead rapper! Bootsie sounds like a bunch of nats in ur ear that u cant flick out, I dont know HOW he even made it this far, now u wanna add his hood rats to the scene. I will be making a petition and emailing all networks to please stop, America and the world is in enoigh crisis as is!

224 days ago


@BNev.Learn how to SPELL before you try to bash someone with your negative comment IGNORANT BAG ! Keep The Hating Coming You Only Making BOOSIE Come EXTRA HARDER! #TellMeWhyTheyHatin <

224 days ago


There is absolutely no excuse for unwanted pregnancy in this day and age when protection is so inexpensive. If one gets pregnant, it is wanted for one of a couple reasons. One is to try to force the man into a forever relationship or keep having kids so they can collect welfare and won't have to take their lazy butts to a minimum wage job. People like that make me sick. Even all these stars set such a poor example with their "good news" pregnancies. They are worst than the welfare moms.

224 days ago


First of all it is normal in the real world for Baby moms to get along, that is not rare. Also of course these women who risked getting stds to have a baby for a fat child support check wil do anything for money, even get along on tv. So also not really a reason for a salute. Why dont u salute Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Angela Davis, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfry. Salute Real women, who struggled and overcame with hard work and determination, who make positive changes in the world, salute that!

224 days ago


Who cares? This isn't a show...this is typical life in their culture...having babies everywhere with no thoughts or cares about supporting them!

224 days ago
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