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Tyler the Creator


For Inciting a Riot

3/15/2014 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Tyler the Creator
was arrested Saturday afternoon at an airport in Texas ... after cops say they had a warrant with his name on it -- for starting a riot at the SXSW festival.

Austin PD officials say Tyler was booked this afternoon for inciting a riot at his concert Thursday.

0315-tyler-the-creator-arrested-02Cops released a video of the riot (below) -- and Tyler is clearly telling everyone to break down the barricade to get in.  The scene is pretty scary.

As you may recall, Tyler's concert was cancelled the night before -- after a driver plowed into a crowd of people waiting to get in -- leaving 2 dead and 23 injured.

According to the warrant ... a bartender at the facility told police he tried protecting a woman from getting trampled on ... but a guy punched him in the face for it.

Tyler's still in custody on a $3,500 bond.



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I think it's hilarious your fan's got killed. Dumb thirsty coward.

222 days ago


You think being a annoying thirsty cowards is hella funny and now you're dead ahahkahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahaahahahah

222 days ago


Dude looks exactly like J. Alexander. lol

222 days ago

kitten roulaine    

Good ! He's got the worst personality on the planet , and exactly what has Tyler created ? but mischief, mayhem and havoc.

222 days ago


wait is footage from black friday?

222 days ago


All of you old people who know nothing about Tyler or the music today really need to stop bashing him.Obviously his music doesn't suck if people are willing to "riot" just to see him live. His music is really good. All of you people calling him dumb or a thug obviously know nothing about him. He's a cool guy and pretty intelligent, I've actually met him. Maybe you're dumb for judging someone you know nothing about and twisting things. Could his actions be considered dumb? Kinda. But obviously he cares about his fans and wanted them to see his show. If you consider that a riot then there is something wrong with you. Stop bashing our generation when yours was 10 times worse.

222 days ago


He has no room for a brain in that tiny head. He's all face and ears. Might explain his actions.

222 days ago


I Hate this MF !!!Plzz leave him locked up

222 days ago


There's a bunch of racist MF on here as always..Internet thugs!!!

222 days ago


His behind should not have gotten bail. Texas is getting soft on dummies who do dumb things. I wonder how many people got hurt listening to this fool?

221 days ago


Cops be arresting ppl for stupid stuff.. Or for no reason i swear >:(

221 days ago


Clearly all you ***gots know nothing about Tyler and by reading all these comments I can surely tell you're those kind of people who base their opinions on others, and think whatever you read on the internet is true, especially being tmz, who is basically known for making up exaggerated stories to make more money,(like the time they posted a vid on YouTube of odd future filming a skit on loiter squad, being in wigs and all and made up a whole story about how him and his friends 'failed' at surfing, or some stupid **** like that). All he did basically was sneak fans in. All they did was mosh. Any good concert has a moshpit. People tried to make him sound like a terrorist, and being a stan of him, I can say his concerts are the best. And his "*******" reputation isn't true. He does that purposely to troll all of you dumb ****s. He's actually loyal as **** to his fans. And everything about him inspires me, ever since I found out about him years ago, my life has been way more amazing. I sound crazy but I've gotten so much more confidence, and motivation to try new things. I hope one day people could stop being so ****ing ignorant and stop reading this **** daily. Yeah. T got arrested for something stupid as ****, stop making him seem like a criminal for basically starting a moshpit. Tyler doesn't do drugs, drink or smoke. Yeah, I just came on here to say that because I can guarantee I know a lot more about him than all these brainwashed internet ***gots do, so uh **** tmz. And btw, the 2 kids killed by the drunk driver had nothing to do with Tyler's act, it was way before, Tyler talked about it on his twitter.

221 days ago


Lol obviously everyone was gonna thumbs down that comment because they're too ignorant to have intelligent conversations and do research before reading some dumb article from tmz, get off you're computer and do something with your life. I literally just made this account to post this haha

221 days ago


Oh look, he's an ugly clown in black face!

221 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

Goofy looking guy.

221 days ago
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