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'Party Down South'

Southern Rebellion

Ends in Surrender!

3/16/2014 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The South will apparently rise again -- "Party Down South" is coming back for Season 2 now that the cast is waving the white flag of surrender in its pay dispute ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... the "PDS" regulars were stonewalling ... refusing to work unless CMT paid them  $7,500 an episode --  a hefty 1,400% pay raise from the paltry 500 bucks for Season 1.

But sources close to the show tell us ... CMT refused to budge -- even though "PDS" is the network's most successful show EVER. 

We're told, the network is being hard-ass ... saying the cast signed a contract through season 2, so that's the way it is ... the network's way or the highway.

BUT ... CMT dangled a carrot, promising bigger paychecks in Season 3. 

Note to cast:  That's the oldest trick in the book.


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Suckers. They are earning next to nothing, they're getting played completely lol

220 days ago


nice to see that bitter chick lauren not in pic.

220 days ago


Hillbilly says scratch the booty

220 days ago


White trash

220 days ago


Auditions for season 3 start Monday

220 days ago


I have watch this show and still don't know what to think. You have that idiot that actually hates to take the time to drink (daddy) so he has to funnel it. he gets so drunk he passes out & wakes up and starts again or throws up so he can drink more. There's no pacing himself he goes all in right away. Then the jackass who goes around screaming his family name" I'm a Beaux" (however you spell it) When he's not crying!! He was arrested for stealing someones credit card, real stand up guy. Then the pretty girl Mattie who acts like she's at 14yr grade level and gets so drunk she turns into someone they call Martha that can't drink without blacking out. The chunky blonde girl (pretty) who talks so fast you have no clue whats she's saying. these idiots are being paid $500 bucks to look like fools thinking they're going to become Jersey shore rich. Don't think so. CMT got them by the balls. Don't get wrong Jersey Shore acted like idiots, but several became millionaires. Pauly big time , Snooky close behind and a couple others.

220 days ago


White Trash To The Fullest! Thank god I'm not white

220 days ago


Retarded Inbred hicks that like to party aren't exactly in danger of extinction. CMT could replace them in a day.

220 days ago


The cast should do their best to make season 2 even better. Then ask for the $17,500 per episode. Let the network know that in that figure, they added in the $7,500 per episode for season 2. The idiots on the Jersey shore were making $10,000 an episode for season 1 before it was a huge hit. So CMT should pay up. Paying $500 an episode is nothing. I wonder how much time it takes to film one episode. I would also shop the show to MTV for season 3. Since CMT want to be hard asses. The fact is the show is the highest rated in their history & their salaries should reflect that. It is one thing to say no to the $7,500, but not budging at all will piss off the cast. I hope they get good agents. Like the ones the Jersey shore cast used. I am sure from now on they will sign contracts one season at a time. CMT isn't going to give up a cash cow, but now they are going to pay much more. They were basically getting the cast for free. I am sure the producers, camera men & all make more then the cast. I don't watch the show, but hope they screw the network over. I would love to see what the cast of their second highest show gets paid.

220 days ago

Cool Breeze    

They should just rid of cmt the inbred channel.

220 days ago


You can't change a contract thats business unfortunately they should definitely do what the cast of big bang theory does every time a contract renewal is coming up all band together and ask for a huge pay rise!!

220 days ago


These kids were going to act like white trash tv cameras or not. No reason to pay for something they were doing for free.

220 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I'm sure the 500,000 or so weekly viewers of this program are just stoked as fuque to watch the antics of these high school drop outs and HIll Billy heroin freaks (AKA Meth) as they do incredible stupid shyte for the Country and Western crowd.

220 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I'm just wondering: Just what is so important with the Meth Mounth Demographic? Why do advertisers find it so enticing about a group of people who spend every dime they have (and a lot of other peoples money that they steal) on stove top Methamphetamine? It's not like they are going to buy actual products, so I guess the sponsors are going to be mostly firearms and burglary tools.

220 days ago


Damn hillbillies can't even do math! You signed a contract for two years for whatever they were going to pay you, honor it!

220 days ago
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