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'Ink Master' Stars Sued

They Said I Could

'Go Home And Suck Some D***s'

3/17/2014 9:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tattoo gurus on "Ink Master" are a couple pervs who sexually harass their female staff -- at least according to one former PA on the show ... who says she put up with a laundry list of extremely inappropriate behavior ... and was ultimately fired.

Nicoletta Robinson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Spike TV and "Ink Master" stars Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck -- claiming she worked for the show last year as an errand runner ... and Nunez and Peck treated her like some two-dollar whore.

Robinson includes a bunch of quotes in her lawsuit -- claiming Peck said things like, "Now Nickie can go home and suck some d***s." She claims Peck also tickled her against her will, squeezed her and pinched her ... and pulled her seatbelt tight against her breasts while she was driving.

She claims Nunez also said tons of perverted crap -- like "Are you menstruating? Do you need a hug?" She says Nunez once asked if she was pregnant just because she was sick, and once explicitly described how his dog eats his wife's dirty underwear.

Robinson claims she tried to file a complaint, but the production company didn't really know how to handle the situation -- and she was later terminated in November. She wants unspecified damages.

Spike had no comment.


No Avatar


Another money hungry whore searching for her 15 mins...

222 days ago

That's All Folks    

Woman to woman: Grow a pair or get the **** out. There's no room for whining in the ink industry. I'm sure your "mental anguish" is going to cost the network, and these two, a pretty penny.

222 days ago

Dog And Pony    

If she tried to file a complaint with Spike TV and they fired her because of it (or because they didn't know how to handle it) then she's got a case.

With all the cameras around those guy surely some of this was caught on tape, right?

222 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Some real classy bastards for sure.

222 days ago

Champagne Jayne    

Maybe the staff at "1000 Ways To Die" will treat her nicer over at Spike.

222 days ago


Dnt believe her

222 days ago


Those two guys? They don't look pervy in the least...

222 days ago


I'm shocked, shocked I tell you! The "ink masters" all look like such nice, up-standing gentlemen.

222 days ago


I mean it's the tattoo industry what do you expect.

222 days ago


They're not pervs, just old school sexual harassers.

222 days ago


Not really believing what this chick is claiming. Maybe, and that's a big maybe, Oliver. But just by the "claimed' comments from Chris I don't see the sexual harassment. Sounds like the PA was a bitch and Nunez was being a smart ass towards her. Also, dogs do like to chew dirty underwear. Unless, his dog and my dogs are a part of an elite underwear chewing breed. She probably tried to sleep with them and they turned her down.

222 days ago


People assuming there some saints because of what they see on tv. And the idiots that think shes money hungry. Dont charectorize a person by what you see. They put a front for ratings. We dont go home with them at the end of the day. So we dont know if they still sing the same tune. People with shows alot like to pick on there staff because they feel there too good to be around these people. And we cannot assum. She stated the production company didnt know how to go about it. Makes sense hows a production company going to suspend or get onto the main entertainers/ the persons who bring in the ratings. She didnt say they didnt do anything. She said they didnt know how to go about it. That makes sense given the say dont bite the hand that feeds you. And this show is these people main source of income. Im very intrigued and will stay toned in. I think its a fair game

222 days ago


She is doing what a two dollar ho does. Quit that job and get out of there. But no, dollar signs went off in her pointy head and she stuck around for a while.

222 days ago

She's baaaack    

Tickled? Oh man, I'll tell you what, you'd be better off grabbing me and doing God knows what than you would tickling me. I can't stand to be tickled, it makes me violent. I would have knees his balls so hard they would have popped out of his mouth and that would be only the beginning. Other than that ... who knows.

222 days ago


This is why women get raped and harrassed. People like some on here support s*** like these two! Give a little notoriety to two nobodies and it goes too their head!

222 days ago
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