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L'Wren Scott Dead

Mick Jagger's Girlfriend

Hangs Herself

3/17/2014 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

L'Wren Scott, the fashion designer who was dating rocker Mick Jagger, was found hanging in her Manhattan apartment today. She was 47.

According to police, the body was found by her assistant this morning around 10:00 AM. Officials say she was hanging from a doorknob.

There was no suicide note found and right now police say they do not suspect foul play.

Scott was known to have dressed Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Christina Hendricks and Penelope Cruz for the red carpet.

She and Mick had been dating for 12 years. Their last big public outing was back in November for the launch of one of her fashion lines in L.A.

Mick is currently on tour with the Rolling Stones ... and is scheduled to do a show in Australia on the 19th. Mick's rep said the singer was "completely shocked and devastated" by Scott's death.

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Lindsay Lohan @LindsayLohan

OMG L’Wren Scott’s apartment is available! We’ve been friends for years! We did three ways with Mick! I’m First in Line!

(Photo by Bianca)

221 days ago


Lindsay Lohan @LindsayLohan

I taught L'Wren how to tie a Half Windsor knot in her scarfs! What an honor that she used my knot, eh?

(Photo by M. de Sade)

221 days ago


No disrespect but that must be a high ass doorknob..I'm just saying

221 days ago


And i wont forget to put roses on your grave🎤🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

221 days ago


Sad stuff when people do this. Turns out she was 6 million dollars in debt. Mick is notoriously stingy with his money . . one wonders with his vast worth how difficult it would be to simply hand it to her to get out of trouble IF he knew about it. Of course I don't know all the facts or even if he tried (which he may have). In NO WAY am I putting the blame on him btw.

221 days ago


Your the easiest lay on the whitehouse lawn get out of my life dont come back🎤🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

221 days ago


Pleased to meet you wont you guess my name🎤🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

221 days ago


Time can tear down a building or destroy a womans face🎤🎵🎵🎵🎵

221 days ago


So when your down on your luck and life aint worth a dime -get a girl with far away eyes🎤🎵🎵🎵🎵

221 days ago

Marco Polo    

Something is odd here. How high is that doorknob that she hung from?? No suicide note either. Very odd. Nevertheless, I wish her soul peace and her family condolences.

221 days ago


Ill never be your beast of burden🎤🎵🎵🎵🎵

221 days ago


How sad. Everything to live for- talented, rich, outgoing, but SOMETHING was missing or maybe people were missing seeing something in her that could have prevented this from happening. My sympathy to Mick Jagger and L'Wren's family and friends. Such a waste of talent.

221 days ago


haha depression

the disease of the rich

221 days ago


Poor girl had to bang Mick...I'd hang myself too.

221 days ago

A Stephens    

When Someone is Too Bruised to Be Touched
By Fr. Ron Rolheiser, July 7, 2002

A few days ago, I was asked to visit a family who had, just that day, lost
their 19 year-old son to suicide.

There isn't much one can offer by way of consolation, even faith
consolation, at a moment like this, when everyone is in shock and the pain
is so raw. Few things can so devastate us as the suicide of a loved one, especially of one's own child.

There is the horrific shock of losing a loved one so suddenly which, just
of itself, can bring us to our knees; but, with suicide, there are other
soul-wrenching feelings too, confusion, guilt, second-guessing, religious

Where did we fail this person?
What might we still have done?
What should we have noticed?
What is this person's state with God?

What needs to be said about all of this:

First of all, that suicide is a disease and the most misunderstood of all
sicknesses. It takes a person out of life against his or her will, the
emotional equivalent of cancer, a stroke, or a heart attack.

Second, we, those left behind, need not spend undue energy second-guessing
as to how we might have failed that person, what we should have noticed,
and what we might still have done to prevent the suicide.

Suicide is an illness and, as with any sickness, we can love someone and
still not be able to save that person from death.

God loved this person too and, like us, could not, this side of eternity,
do anything either.

Finally, we shouldn't worry too much about how God meets this person on the
other side. God's love, unlike ours, can go through locked doors and touch
what will not allow itself to be touched by us.

Is this making light of suicide? Hardly.

Anyone who has ever dealt with either the victim of a suicide before his or
her death or with those grieving that death afterwards knows that it is
impossible to make light of it.

There is no hell and there is no pain like the one suicide inflicts. Nobody
who is healthy wants to die and nobody who is healthy wants to burden his
or her loved ones with this kind of pain.

And that's the point: This is only done when someone isn't healthy.

The fact that medication can often prevent suicide should tell us
something. Suicide is an illness not a sin.

Nobody just calmly decides to commit suicide and burden his or her loved
ones with that death any more than anyone calmly decides to die of cancer
and cause pain.

The victim of suicide (in all but rare cases) is a trapped person, caught
up in a fiery, private chaos that has its roots both in his or her emotions
and in his or her bio-chemistry.

Suicide is a desperate attempt to end unendurable pain, akin to one
throwing oneself through a window because one's clothing is on fire.

Many of us have known victims of suicide and we know too that in almost
every case that person was not full of ego, pride, haughtiness, and the
desire to hurt someone. Generally it's the opposite.

The victim has cancerous problems precisely because he or she is wounded,
raw, and too-bruised to have the necessary resiliency needed to deal with

Those of us who have lost loved ones to suicide know that the problem is
not one of strength but of weakness, the person is too-bruised to be

I remember a comment I over-heard at a funeral for a suicide victim.

The priest had preached badly, hinting that this suicide was somehow the
man's own fault and that suicide was always the ultimate act of despair.

At the reception afterwards a neighbour of the victim expressed his
displeasure at the priest's homily: "There are a lot of people in this
world who should kill themselves," he lamented bitterly, "but those kind
never do!

This man is the last person who should have killed himself because he was
one of the most sensitive people I've ever met!"

A book could be written on that statement. Too often it is precisely the
meek who seem to lose the battle, at least in this world.

Finally, I submit that we shouldn't worry too much about how God meets our
loved ones who have fallen victim to suicide. God, as Jesus assures us, has
a special affection for those of us who are too-bruised and wounded to be

Jesus assures us too that God's love can go through locked doors and into
broken places and free up what's paralysed and help that which can no
longer help itself.

God is not blocked when we are. God can reach through.

And so our loved ones who have fallen victim to suicide are now inside of
God's embrace, enjoying a freedom they could never quite enjoy here and
being healed through a touch that they could never quite accept from us.

221 days ago
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