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Chris Brown

Jail Stinks

And So Do I

3/18/2014 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown
will stink to holy hell ... because he's only allowed one shower every two days.

According to our sources, Brown -- who will sit in jail until April 23 -- is in solitary confinement 23 hours a day ... which means he won't have a cellmate to disgust with his vile odor.

We're told Brown is allowed to work out in his cell and can read library books.

Brown was hauled back to jail after getting thrown out of a rehab facility in Malibu. The judge wants him behind bars until the D.C. assault case runs its course in mid-April.  And, if he's convicted, Chris could be transferred to prison for violation probation in the Rihanna case.



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Solitary confinement? Hopefully he learns his lesson now that he has no choice but to be in a cell all day. He had it made i don't know why he continues to put himself in the spotlight negatively

217 days ago


Sorry Chris but no one gets into that much trouble without having caused most of it. You really need to be self conscious and fully aware that you brought this upon you and no one else.

217 days ago


I hate Tmz they are full of **** always so ****en negative....Chrisbrownforever

217 days ago


Please leave this man alone. He is human just like little piss ant Beiber.

217 days ago


Luv u Chris you will get threw this and it will make u stronger.....

217 days ago


Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2756: Chris Brown - Kicked Out of Rehab & Going to Jail - Body Language

217 days ago


Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2756: Chris Brown - Kicked Out of Rehab & Going to Jail - Body Language

217 days ago

Maria Williford    

Poor Chris I dont think hi sould be in jail for a fait? This country is too much this is not gojng to help him what happen 5 years ago sould bd forbet for God sick is over hi hzve to pay for the rest of his live? Is not fear put him like a monster is ok Chris this will make you stronger and better be good in there 1 month pass fast when you get out you will make you incrdible music like always or dve better we misz you voice and you dance we love you be strong

217 days ago


Chris Brown no angel but c'mon. America is a bunch of condemning hypocrites. Linday Lohan and Justin Beiber can roam free and menacing without retribution. Oh he beat Rihanna...that was like 5 years ago. She dated and sex him during that time. The justice system can give a rat's ass about her or any woman victim. They simply want to put his black ass behind bars like any other n&ca and make a profit.

217 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

TMZ you gotta stop with these titles that pretend to quote the person but it's just some made up crap by you. That is really really poor journalism. I know it's only TMZ but you should have a modi*** of professionalism

217 days ago

Bob Johnson    

I don't believe this story. I went to a citizens' academy where we were all taken to a white collar prison level. It was a country club. Prisoners could talk on phones, sit around the television, and take all the showers they wanted to take. One prisoner walked up behind me and sharpened a pencil.

217 days ago


Publicity stunt. His album comes out in May. He'll be out by then doing a media promotion talking about his "time" behind bars to gain sympathy music buyers. He is such a waste of a human being. But stupid girls will continue to support him.

217 days ago


They have canteen in jail, and have a sink he can wash his ass and nuts, ya are twisted, and don't get it twisted if y'all are nasty like that. FREE CHRIS

217 days ago


Wow how ignorant can you get. Is this another celebrity that failed to get any education because his family was pushing for the money he might make and failed to send him to school.

217 days ago


I bet he wish he was Mel Gibson or Charlie Sheen.

217 days ago
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