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'Big Brother' Star Michele Ross

Kaiser Ignored My Pain

Placed Me On Psych Hold

3/18/2014 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0318-michele-ross-twitter"Big Brother" season 11 star Dr. Michele Ross had a ROUGH weekend at the hospital ... she claims she got placed on a psychiatric hold after doctors ignored her desperate pleas for help.

Ross (who went by Michele Noonan on the show) tells TMZ ... she rushed herself to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in L.A. Friday after suffering terrible pains related to her endometriosis (a uterus problem). Ross says doctors were about to discharge her without performing a laparoscopy to help diagnose the source of the pain when she told them, "I am in so much pain I want to die."

Well once doctors heard "want to die" ... Michele claims they treated it as a suicidal threat and immediately placed her on psychiatric hold. Ross claims she was locked in a room with security standing guard at the door ... until a psychiatrist came to evaluate her. 

Ross says she was finally allowed to leave Saturday ... but not until hospital staff threw away the prescription pot brownies she had.  And she says she never got the procedure she wanted.

She tells TMZ ... even though she's a neuroscientist, she gets treated like a crazy person because she has blue hair. Or as we like to call it ... Bynesism.

Ross tells us she's considering legal action. Calls to the hospital were not returned.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

Blue hair, botoxed lips, fake tits . . . and they didn't take her seriously?

222 days ago

paul a.    

who cares how crazy she is.....nice rack!

222 days ago


Sad to see how much she has changed since she left the Big Brother house.

222 days ago


Unfortunately, you will never be taken seriously by most if you decide to sport blue, yellow, green or pink hair. People who cover themselves with tats will also be given shown the door! Red hair, bleached blonde, dirty blonde, black, brown or grey hair is usually acceptable. There seems to be something very wrong with this picture, but this is the world we live in. SMH!

222 days ago


Kaiser follows a certain criteria the nearly got me locked up in a psych ward because I was suffering from anxiety and one of their questions was if I thought I might be dying? well yeah it feels like it but I don't think I am and they had me sit down with a staff counselor and he said I don't know why your hear, but you sound very mentally healthy, my response was well yeah I am I just want something for anxiety.

222 days ago


They didn't give her "the procedure she wanted"? sounds like they didn't give her the prescription she wanted.

222 days ago

She's baaaack    

They put her on a psychiatric hold or she would have been on to the next hospital looking for her drugs. I guess the weed wasn't as good as the narcotics she was trying to get.

222 days ago

Wow ...    

I am not buying her story of events. On her website she claims to have suffered from endo since the age of 16. Why then would she go to ER to determine the cause of pain? Meanwhile, for someone who claims to suffer from chronic pain, she does not mention endo that much, only the promotion of weed. To me this only leaves me with questions, none of it makes sense. Endo is a real disease, a very painful and disabling one at that. Nonetheless, this woman isn't telling the whole story. She has issues, beyond any alleged gyno problems. She might be a neuroscientist, but she does not present herself to be rational. She seeks donations from the public for alleged health issues, but has health insurance. Claiming they do not cover endo - BS!

222 days ago


If she was on a 5150 how did she have her phone to tweet and update her Facebook page? She has been begging for money to pay for her legal bills because she was busted for marijuana, she is begging for money to pay for surgery, she has asked for people to pay her cell bill and rental car expenses. She has an excuse for every question asked, she can't get insurance because of "red flags", no hospital will help with a payment plan, she is having side effects from meds they gave her at Kaiser less than 24 hrs after she started them (it takes weeks for this med to even start working in most cases).

She is a scam artist who is drug seeking imo. She needs rehab and jail!

222 days ago


As a medical professional there is a very large part of me that wants to call BS on the whole thing.

Prescription marijuana brownies for endometriosis? This whole incident cries drug seeker (yeah yeah I know we hear the exact same story from drug seekers and people in pain and someone right now is saying "you don't know. I live in constant pain and only marijuana helps me blah blah blah (even though they all seem to have a history of smoking it when NOT in pain too ( and so I guess every black male athlete , and rapper, and maybe every black male, is in "pain" and needs what the liberals call "non-addicting" marijuana even though those prople can't seem to do without it and will risk million dollar salaries over it, fathers leave their families to spend years in jail over a damn joint, and so on.

If it wasn't addicting and is so benign like the freak liberal politicians say it is all along the left coast, then common sense says that someone could do WITHOUT IT as easy as they do with it, but they can't seem to NOT use it and will risk everything just to smoke it.

No in this case I bet everything she needed her weekend "fix" under the guise of pain (it's VERY common to see the housewife, or the busy person show up late Sunday night in my ER because they use the narcotics to "treat" their stress of having to face the upcoming week and get back to the grind. They use these things not for true pain, though they will forever have pain that NOTHING but MJ and opiates will take care of, and feign the disgust that "no one understands their pain"....blah blah.....their "pain" is emotional and NOT physical most of the time.

I'd bet this had more to do with a "fix" than anything else.

222 days ago


Attention wh_ore. It's desperate, look at me behavior.

222 days ago


So did the pain just go away on its own?

222 days ago

Gloria Unread    

~"She's a neuroscientist, she gets treated like a crazy person because she has blue hair."~
Sorry, but appearances matter. She's 31-years-old with a good career.. the time for punky hair colors is over.
I saw her season of BB and she was a bit off even then.

222 days ago


You can only be diagnosed with endometriosis via surgery. I was a former Kaiser member, probably at the same place she went to on Sunset and Vermont in LA. My doctor told me I PROBABLY had endometriosis because of my symptoms, specifically cramping up to a week before my period throughout my entire chest cavity, not just right above my lady bits where cramping usually occurs. She prescribed 800mg ibuprofen for the pain and suggested I follow up for a surgical diagnosis if I had any difficulty getting pregnant after several months of trying in the future. Kaiser HMO is not going to volunteer to do any procedures unless they absolutely have to because they want to keep costs low. I’ve actually just switched from Kaiser for the first time in 6 years because I had a doctor tell me the chest pain and dizziness I’d been experiencing for several days was normal and that I should keep an eye on it. WTF? When I filed a complaint, I could a written response that I’d been diagnosed with bronchitis (with no cough, go figure). I’d believe any horror story about Kaiser and I’ve experienced firsthand their flippancy over endometriosis. If it’s never happened to you, don’t pretend to be an expert on the tmz comment boards.

222 days ago


She sounds like a nut. First of all you don't go rushing to an ER and demand surgery and then get mad when they release you. She's not telling the whole story. If she knows she has endomorphisms and it's been bothering her to the point were she is on 'prescription pot brownies' then why not schedule the operation with your Gyno doctor? I don't care who you are you can't go to an ER and demand surgery.. that's the ER doctors call. Sounds more like she was acting out and pitching a fit that they weren't doing what she told them to do and they placed her on hold.. I'd bet that one line isn't the only thing she said. And who takes pot brownies to the ER?? If she had a diagnosis for endometriosis the ER could have easily looked it up, contacted her own doctor ect. You just don't demand surgery at the ER like that, she's an idiot.

222 days ago
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