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'Big Brother' Star Michele Ross

Kaiser Ignored My Pain

Placed Me On Psych Hold

3/18/2014 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0318-michele-ross-twitter"Big Brother" season 11 star Dr. Michele Ross had a ROUGH weekend at the hospital ... she claims she got placed on a psychiatric hold after doctors ignored her desperate pleas for help.

Ross (who went by Michele Noonan on the show) tells TMZ ... she rushed herself to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in L.A. Friday after suffering terrible pains related to her endometriosis (a uterus problem). Ross says doctors were about to discharge her without performing a laparoscopy to help diagnose the source of the pain when she told them, "I am in so much pain I want to die."

Well once doctors heard "want to die" ... Michele claims they treated it as a suicidal threat and immediately placed her on psychiatric hold. Ross claims she was locked in a room with security standing guard at the door ... until a psychiatrist came to evaluate her. 

Ross says she was finally allowed to leave Saturday ... but not until hospital staff threw away the prescription pot brownies she had.  And she says she never got the procedure she wanted.

She tells TMZ ... even though she's a neuroscientist, she gets treated like a crazy person because she has blue hair. Or as we like to call it ... Bynesism.

Ross tells us she's considering legal action. Calls to the hospital were not returned.


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Is she still doing porn?

218 days ago


Wasn't she asking fans for money on some fundme type of site?

Is she an addict?

218 days ago


Blue hair, at her age?

218 days ago


I don't think any hospital can deny helping a patient. If she does have endometriosis they should give her the laproscopy to remove any endometrial tissue causing her pain if on a nerve.

Something is not right here.

218 days ago


Michele is always running some kind of scam. She is NUTSO. If she were truly sick, they would have treated her, she has been E-BEGGING for money for months, she is a SCAMMER!!

218 days ago


Neuroscientist with blue hair...hmmm...sister to that other neuroscientist with orange hair ...the Aurora movie theater shooter.

Lock 'er up NOW!

218 days ago


Funny how she wanted to be known by being a "neuroscientist" when, if you know her past at all, you know she is mostly known for being a DRUG ADDICTED PORN STAR who E-BEGS as her scam!!!

218 days ago


Kaiser refused to treat me because I would NOT take the narcotics they wanted me to take...I wanted them to find out what was wrong with me NOT just mask the symptoms. The doctor refused to treat me and I went home in agony with NO diagnosis. 3 months later I was still in agony and FINALLY a doctor from sutter listened to me and ran tests. I get so sick of docs wanting to throw meds at me without trying to find out the reason why I am ill.

218 days ago


Endo is no joke! You do feel like you would rather die than suffer thru the pain that feels like your entire insides are flipping around! If you really have Endo you would have your meds ready and have a pretty good idea of when the pains could start.

218 days ago



Yeah, really exclusive, TMZ.

218 days ago


I live with endometriosis every day they have even removed all but one tube and overie four yrs ago I was in my late 30s ! It has come back and attached itself to my tail bone plus other organs ! Not only do I live with endometriosis, I also have RSD/CRPS I'm in pain 24/7 don't drink don't smoke weed but if it is better for me then the dammmm morphine I'm taking I'd rather do that. If she truly hadendometriosis

218 days ago


Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women, and this story, unfortunately isn't an isolated incident in how we are treated as patients. March is Endometriosis Awareness month, so before you comment, do all of us a favor and google what living with endometriosis is like. It's extremely painful and we are dismissed by doctors and family all of the time.

218 days ago


She was on Baggage also. And yes, she is a nut job.

218 days ago


All she seems to be doing is looking for pain med scripts. If you google her story she talks about having no insurance, that she's gone from ER to ER at different hospitals, etc. I suffered from endo for many years, and while the pain was very intense neither I or my dr let it control my life, and I never had to demand anything from an ER. She's pitching a fit because she has been put on hormone therapy., and she thinks she won't survive without percocet and her pot brownies. Give me a break. If you act like a drug addict and talk like a drug addict, people are going to assume you're a drug addict.

218 days ago


Who brings pot brownies into a hospital anyway?

218 days ago
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