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Charlie Sheen

I'm Cutting Off Denise

3/19/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0318_charlie_denise_tmzCharlie Sheen has gone for Denise Richards' jugular ... cutting off her child support and kicking her out of her house ... TMZ has learned.

Denise was getting $55K a month in court-ordered support for their 2 kids -- Lola and Sam.  We're told he only forked over half that amount for January and hasn't paid a dime in Feb or March.

As for the house ... as TMZ first reported, Sheen bought it for Richards back in 2011 so she and the kids would be close to him.  But we're told Charlie has told Denise he's selling the house and wants her out STAT.

Charlie is not hiding his contempt for Denise or the fact that this is retaliation.  Charlie believes Denise is keeping Sam and Lola from him.  Sources close to Denise tell us ... she can't just  race to give Charlie the kids when he feels like having them on a whim.  She also wants to be present when he has the children.

Our sources say Denise is getting her legal ducks in a row to go after Charlie in court.  Fact is ... when there's court-ordered child support, there's no such thing as a good excuse for not paying.



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How the hell is he hurting his kids when she has money also? He is getting back at her for the same games women play using the kids. It's immature don't get me wrong but she is obviously no better. Women use the legal system to try to control the ex's out of jealousy. She wants to be there for his visitation???? Can nobody see the signs? He would be stupid to not pay support as she will have him by the balls legally. It's situations like this that make fathers who try to keep up with bills and try to pay support on a minimum wage job look bad. The ones who have money and refuse to pay should be dealt with more harshly than a broke dad who made the mistake of sleeping with a golddigger and has to fight tooth and nail to see his kids.

126 days ago

marcel farrar    

why the **** she need 55k to support their children

125 days ago


Right on that child support. He must and will pay. Family court can take away his driver's license and take his tax returns and garnish his wages quicker than Jack Robinson. No matter what Charlie says he will be in front of a judge soon. Denise Richards has been nothing but great to he and his other children until she was taken advantage of. Her children have to come first.

125 days ago



125 days ago


He is an *******! Treating the mother of his daughters horribly! She is the only one not on drugs! She is the only good example for any of these children. I hope he fails miserably in court! He needs his ass kicked BIG TIME!!

125 days ago


It's not up to him whether he pays child support!

125 days ago

Kathy Harman    

Wasn't she also taking care of his OTHER kids for awhile? I'm sure when he has a spare minute here and there he tells her to bring the kids over. But kids need to have normalcy and consistency in their lives, he should go over to her house to see them that bad! POS

125 days ago


I find Denise to be a decent, fairly normal person.

125 days ago


Aren't the two kids that he has with Brooke living with Denise as well? If this is true, he is kicking out Denise, their two children, her adopted daughter, and his sons with Brooke.

The lowest form of life.

125 days ago


I used to think his antics were hilarious, but now his actions are indefensible. I hope they raise his child support. It would serve him right.

125 days ago


He's a Jackass!!! She was his only ally when it came to that bozo he was married to. She took care of his twins when there was no one else on Charlies side. Charlie is making a huge mistake when it comes to how he treats Denise. She is too good for him.

125 days ago



125 days ago

Jo Seney    

Idiot! In my ste you break s child support court order 2 weeks in a row the swear out a warrant inless you apply to the court you have no money and they figure something out! Then if you do not pay they take your DL and the next strp shove u in jail!clearly he has money, and taking his BS out on the kids! Taking their house and money?! He will have a new place to live when she strings him up a flag pole! Stop hanging out with Justin Bieber and grow uo

125 days ago


He makes some of the most irrational decisions ... he obviously has mental health issues.

125 days ago


Sounds like the "Black Hole of Calcutta"!!!!!!

124 days ago
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