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Paul Walker's Mom

My Granddaughter's Mom's an Alcoholic

I Want Guardianship

3/19/2014 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker
's mother just filed court documents asking for guardianship of Paul's 15-year-old daughter ... because the real mom has a serious drinking problem.

Cheryl Walker claims in her docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Meadow and her mom, Rebecca Soteros, are already living with her but Rebecca can't care for her daughter because of her alcoholism.

As we previously reported ... Rebecca has 2 DUIs -- one in 2003 and another last year.  We're told Meadow moved from Hawaii -- where Rebecca lived -- to live with Paul 3 years before he died because of her mom's problems with alcohol.

Cheryl says she's more than qualified -- she's raised 4 kids, she's a registered nurse and is a loving person.

Paul had said in his will he wanted his mom to be Meadow's guardian ... so this is clearly in line with what he wanted.

One other note ... the legal docs say Paul's estate is worth $16 MILLION ... a lot less than previously filed legal docs estimating his worth at around $25 mil.


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Paul Moyer    

How bout Asking the 15 year old daughter what she would like and let her have some say since she's not a toddler or a little kid any more. I'm sure with all she's been through with loosing her dad and possibly best friend, should she have some say in it, at her age?

225 days ago


She wants access to all the money being this girls guardian, could "entitle" her too. This scenario's all too common,

225 days ago


Cheryl Walker claims in her docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Meadow and her mom, Rebecca Soteros, are already living with her but Rebecca can't care for her daughter because of her alcoholism.

225 days ago

Jay Love    

Clearly its not only Pauls wish grandma be the guardian, but it seems he had good reason as to why the mom is unable to function as caregiver, as evidenced by Mr. Walker having had custody three years before his death? also the grand parents are the executor of his estate which means they will doal out support for their grandchild until she is of age to take control of her estate on her own. all this plus their proven ability to raise children it would seem a no brainer they be the guardians, after all they raised paul Walker and he turned out to be a decent guy!!

225 days ago

Jay Love    

Its really too bad for this little girl her father can no longer be alive and with her! as decent a guy as he was it seems once people get a little fame they start to feel invincible and reckless with their lives? driving race cars at 200 MPH should be left to race tracks, not city streets. just getting into that thing was a huge mistake for both people?

225 days ago


His daughter is 15 years old, why doesn't the court ask where she would like to live

225 days ago


By the time everyone "TAKES" what they can get from Paul's estate poor Meadow will be lucky to get $5.00.
That said, I bet his mother will have more left over for her that her bio mom.

225 days ago


Do people read and comprehend the article before writing such idiotic responses?

225 days ago


TMZ please get rid of the spams. No one wants to read them.

225 days ago


paul walker was a good caring man, forget his fast and furious films that we all admired its ashame he is gone not forgotton

225 days ago


If she is 15, can't she decide for herself who she wants to live with?

225 days ago


my x-inlaws asked me to go to court for them to gain coustody of my daughter because my x wife was a alcoholic and a drug addict. when i told them i would they told her and she didnt even fight about it but my x wife made sure to tell me how much she hated me for it.

225 days ago


Did anyone read whole do***ents???Rebecca Soteros have one more child?????????

225 days ago


Sad. Ok the mom didnt have custody when Paul was alive. Now she wants her money i mean her daughter. Hope Pauls mom gets custody.

224 days ago

David Hightower    

In my liberal opinion, I am not in favor of "o-holics", period. Be it, alcohol, substance, gambling, work, religion or sex, they should not be around kids. Kids benefit more from positive examples than poor ones. They need love, understanding, acceptance and discipline. Just like baby ducks follow the first animal they find that nurtures, kids identify with parental behaviors more often than not or act out in defiance that is usually not correctly identified. There are more bad parents than kids.

224 days ago
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