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Rihanna's Ex-Accountant

A Fool And Her Money Are Soon Parted

Which Makes You ...

3/20/2014 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

03-20-14-rhianna-angry-tmzThe gloves are off in the fight between Rihanna and her ex-accountant -- the money man is now firing back in their legal battle over $9 million the singer claims she lost on his watch ... calling her a financially impaired moron.

Accountant Peter Gounis filed the response to Rihanna's lawsuit, insisting he was hired to record and manage her financial accounts -- NOT give her rudimentary spending advice.

Gounis claims Rihanna blew through millions of her own money by going on endless shopping sprees -- buying roomfuls of designer shoes, clothes, and jewelry -- and throwing extravagant parties for herself. He also claims she bailed on an expensive tour to shoot "Battleship," which turned out to be a massive failure.

And despite Rihanna's accusations, Gounis insists he never directed Rihanna to buy a dilapidated house.

But even ignoring all that, Gounis says, "Was it really necessary to tell her that if you spend money for things you will end up with the things, and not the money?"

Gounis wants Rihanna's lawsuit thrown out.



No Avatar


what an awful picture..

184 days ago


Take that...predator face!

184 days ago


I'm surprise Rihanna even cares about losing that much money... She's usually on Chris Brown's d i c k or drake or meek Mills or any rapper or basketball Player.

184 days ago


Chris Brown needs to slap some sense into her.....oh wait....

184 days ago


i'd hit ...

184 days ago


And certainly Rihanna & her mgt team was smart enough to have a checks and balance system in place so no 1 person had single control over anything.

But then again, that would require her to close her legs and open her mind. Oops, never mind.

184 days ago


There's enough liability to being a CPA without having to deal with spoiled high school dropouts.

184 days ago

Rude Boy    

She spent a huge chunk of her money and somehow that's someone else fault? I must be missing something here.

184 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Shocking, that this ratchet HO, is stupid... I for one am amazed. Look at her and what she thinks is acting ppropriately and the only people who would jump to defend her are people that are just as stupid as she is. Ghetto trash got exactly what she deserved. She overspent and now wants to blame someone else....

184 days ago


I LOVE that line if you spend money for thing you end up with the things and not the money! Classic!

184 days ago


This is how much money you have
This is how much money came in
This is how much money you spent

This is how much moony you have
This is how much money came in
This is how much money you spent

Rinse and repeat

It is not his business to be telling her how and on what to spend HER money. All she has to do is look at the numbers generated from the above formula.

Her problem is that she wanted someone to hold her by the hand and tell her not to spend the money on too expensive things and she didn't get that. She would probably fire such a person for being the voice of reason. None of these fools hire such an individual, the ones that say 'NO you shouldn't do that.'

For starters, you don't buy houses that are falling apart unless you intend to renovate them. Secondly, she bought an expense home in California that she doesn't even live in. It's not his job to tell her not to buy property.

If she is too cheap to hire a lawyer or a financial planner for advise, she should have used google. Just type in, what are my risks for buying expensive property in such a crazy tax state like California. And what are the consequences of spending too much money. I am confident mr. google would have answered those questions.

184 days ago


big ass head full of air

184 days ago


Broke ass

184 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Yes. As dumb as it sounds it is necessary to tell a very young rich person that if they spend the money on things they will have the things and not the money. Several young stars go broke. The lucky ones get to stay in the business long enough to make more money.

184 days ago


Go get her Mr.Accountant. She knew full well. She was blowing wads a $$$ on crap! She is a cu^mduster moron.

184 days ago
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